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Intern Profiles

Michigan State University Broad College of Business students travel the world every year on internships. They gain valuable work experience and get an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime. For a snapshot of where some of our interns landed this summer and to gain insight into what they learned from the experience, see the interactive page below.

Ajay Singh
MBA Supply Chain Management
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“My favorite internship experience has been checking out the new Cadillac headquarters in NYC and working with the team to help plan the portfolio of future vehicles. The greatest insight I gained was being able to better understand the complex process of planning future vehicles.”

Maria Pfaffinger
BA Supply Chain Management
AFN Logistics - Niles, IL

“From this internship so far, I have learned how important a client-customer relationship is. I knew how important customer service is, but I never realized how much further it can go. Some very successful carrier sales employees around me have developed friendships with many of their carriers and get in contact with them to talk to them about more than just business. These relationships have developed into a lot of success because of the level of trust and loyalty.”

Jackie Hsia
BA Supply Chain Management
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - Auburn Hills, Michigan

“I have learned that effective communication is essential for a program manager. Knowing what questions to ask, at what time, is critical in order to gain information about program details that could get lost in the mix of a busy program. It is also important to take ownership of your assignments and set up metrics to measure your progress. ”

Shannon Wong
BA Finance
General Mills - Minneapolis, MN

“My experience at General Mills taught me how to effectively communicate with global business partners. Working in the international segment, I found that terminology and business processes differ between regions, and it's critical to ask questions to help both myself and other partners understand the business.”

Ben Brooks
BA Supply Chain Management
Cisco Systems - San Jose, CA

“I have learned about the customer perspective of SCM and how companies need to use their supply chain to service their customers and build strong relationships. My favorite thing so far has been the experience of the culture at Cisco. The people are extremely friendly and willing to stop at a moment's notice to help with anything I am working on.”

Qian (Claire) Deng
MBA Finance
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“The auto industry is ripe for disruption. Technology-driven trends will revolutionize how auto industry players respond to changing consumer behavior, develop partnerships, and drive transformational change.”

Aditya Menon
AT Kearney - Chicago, IL

“I have learned the importance of communication and relationship building with clients to get buy in from their side. My favorite internship experience has been staying up late to send out 3 RFPs in one night!”

Eric Mancik
MBA Supply Chain Management
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“I have learned the importance of perspective, especially when trying to coordinate across a global organization, and how critical a seemingly mundane cultural difference can be. Additionally, how complicated it is to transition organizations and people that are geographically dispersed to a new unified means of operation.”

Nick Cousino
BA Accounting
Deloitte - Detroit, MI / Sao Paulo, Brazil

“The opportunities to socialize with the rest of the interns as well as being able to meet other Deloitte professionals has made the internship that much more enjoyable.”

Sierra Hartman
BA & MS Accounting
Progressive Insurance - Mayfield Village, OH

“My favorite part of working at Progressive thus far was the opportunity to meet with C-level executives of a Fortune 200 company. Not only did they show how Progressive is an innovative and highly competitive company, they also were genuinely interested in helping me develop professionally. I was able to meet with an IT control manager who explained how the courses I was taking in the information systems track of the MS Accounting program could contribute to the corporation.”

Tyler Duston
MBA Finance
Ford Motor Company - Dearborn, MI

“I have learned about different factors that go into forecasting, along with problems that are associated with trying to keep accurate, unbiased forecasts.”

Nick Zaggy
MBA Marketing
Wendy’s - Dublin, OH

“I have learned the issues in operating a large-scale franchise company: the challenges of national and international system launches, reaching conclusions and recommendations for action based on analytics of consumer survey data, managing business relationships with franchisees from all different walks of life, and the challenges of creating operational consistency across several thousand restaurants. ”

James McKillop
BA Finance
Bloomfield Capital - Birmingham, MI

“I have learned the fundamentals of real estate valuation from a creditor’s standpoint, and the overall thought process behind making a private equity backed investment. My favorite experience has been visiting properties and directly interacting with potential borrowers.”

Jed McIntosh
MBA Marketing, Supply Chain
Wendy’s - Dublin, OH

“I have learned how complex and difficult it can be to delight every customer, while ensuring that service is quick and accurate, taste is exceptional, and staff are friendly—every single day in 6,000 restaurants across the world.”

Amit Agrawal
MS Business Analytics
Independence Blue Cross - Philadelphia, PA

“I got involved in building and implementation of 3 models to identify fraud, measure impact of complaints, and predict medical reimbursement amounts for members. I also managed a team of 25 analysts in the U.S. and India for 12 weeks, ensuring that the teams generated customer delight and looking for new opportunities to grow the business for the team.”

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