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Broad Scholar Program provides undergraduate research opportunities

This year, 41 students are participating in the Broad Scholar Program, which extends opportunities to Michigan State University Broad College of Business undergraduates to work closely with a faculty member in their area of interest throughout the year. The program is in its 19th year.

Broad Scholars assist their faculty mentors with a variety of research-related activities, from data collection to publishing articles on results. Faculty mentors benefit from additional research support, while Broad Scholars develop experience in academic research practices in their field.

Additional leadership and professional development opportunities are available through the Eli Broad Scholar Organization, a student group for Broad Scholars that provides ongoing programming.

Some Broad Scholars are also a part of the Honors College’s Professorial Assistantship program, which has similar goals.

This year’s scholars and their faculty mentors include:

  • Eric Agar (BA Finance ’17) – Crystal Farh, Management
  • Robert Armiak (BA Finance ’17) – Sophia Zhengzi Li, Finance
  • Matthew Bowery (BA Accounting ’16) – Chris Hogan, Accounting
  • Erika Burdt (BA Supply Chain Management ’17) – Claudia Rosales, Supply Chain Management
  • Bridget Carroll (BA Hospitality Business ’16) – Jeff Elsworth, Hospitality Business
  • Jason Chen (BA Supply Chain Management ’17) – Sriram Narayanan, Supply Chain Management
  • Anne Czerwinski (BA Accounting ’17) – Vallabh Sambamurthy, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Emma Dekker (BA Hospitality Business ’16) – A.J. Singh, Hospitality Business
  • Elizabeth Deveaux (BA Marketing ’15) – Roger Calantone, Marketing
  • Jake DeYonker (BA Finance ’16) – Jamal Shamsie, Management
  • Ellen Donabedian (BA Marketing ’17) – Cornelia Droge, Marketing
  • Colin Fitzgibbons (BA Marketing ’17) – Forrest Carter, Marketing
  • Samuel Floyd (BA Supply Chain Management ’17) – Miriam Schwartz-Ziv, Finance
  • Meagan Flynn (BA Accounting ’17) – Sarah Singer, CIBER
  • Jack Follen (BA Management ’16) – Crystal Farh, Management
  • Tynan Ford (BA Management ’17) – Sarah Singer, CIBER
  • Jason Heitzeg (BA Supply Chain Management ’17) – Tobias Schoenherr, Supply Chain Management
  • Alexander Kavka (BA Accounting ’17) – Jade Sims, CIBER
  • Cara Kaye (BA Marketing ’17) – Brenda Sternquist, Marketing
  • Ethan Kok (BA Supply Chain Management ’16) – Linn Van Dyne, Management
  • Jeremy Kozler (BA Finance ’15) – Geoffrey Booth, Finance
  • Peter Lindeman (BA Marketing ’15) – Daniel Chaffin, Management
  • Sarah Livingston (BA Accounting ’16) – Sanjay Gupta, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Jeremy Martineau (BA Accounting ’16) – John Jiang, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Jeffrey Nemesi (BA Finance ’16) – Sarah Singer, CIBER
  • Tessa Opalka (BA Marketing ’16) – Jade Sims, CIBER
  • Mitchell Ostrowski (BA Accounting ’16) – Paulette Stenzel, Finance
  • Kristyn Resseguie (BA Accounting ’17) – Gerry McNamara, Management
  • Christopher Ryan (BA Marketing ’17) – Chen Lin, Marketing
  • Amanda Saad (BA Accounting ’17) – Ranjani Krishnan, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Shivani Sankar (BA Management ’17) – Jade Sims, CIBER
  • Alec Schwartz (BA Accounting ’16) – Dan Wangerin, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Barbara Selman (BA Hospitality Business ’17) – Jaemin Cha, Hospitality Business
  • Jessica Sun (BA Supply Chain Management ’16) – Daniel Chaffin, Management
  • Jonathan Warnock (BA Finance ’15) – Elizabeth Booth, Finance
  • Adam York (BA Finance ’16) – Jade Sims, CIBER
  • Karlie Zuchowski (BA Supply Chain Management ’17) – John Macdonald, Supply Chain Management

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