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Michigan State University and the Eli Broad College of Business Run Through Family Tree

By Terri Hughes-Lazzell

David Lydy loves Michigan State University and is proud of his BA in Marketing (’78) from the Broad College of Business.

David Lydy and sons, David Jr. and Kyle.
David Lydy and sons, David Jr. and Kyle.

Lydy followed his two older brothers to MSU, and his sister attended as well. “It was the only school I applied to,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”

He hit the East Lansing campus excited for the future, but unsure of what career that future might entail. After considering other majors, a friend told him about a business history course. He took his friend’s advice and attended. The course proved to be just what he needed to show him the way to his future.

Once in the business program, marketing resonated with him—leading him to a challenging and exciting career.

Coming out of college in 1978, Lydy took a position with Owens Corning Fiberglass working in Florida. He later worked for Rockwell International, but wanted to be in the automotive industry and return to Michigan. He eventually did that—earning his MBA from the University of Toledo along the way—and now is vice president of sales and marketing at KSR International, an automotive industry supplier.

Along the way, he said Michigan State University provided opportunities, something for which he is grateful.

“I could go anywhere in the world and say that I went to Michigan State or wear a MSU shirt, and people had heard about the school,” he said. “It opened so many doors. I’m awfully proud to carry the flag.”

And now, he’s passing that pride and adoration for the green and white to his children.

Two of his sons, David Lydy Jr. and Kyle Lydy, also graduated from the Broad College. David Lydy Jr. holds both a BA (2014) and a MS (2015) in accounting while his brother Kyle earned his BA in accounting in the spring and will finish a master’s degree in December.

“It’s a family tradition,” David Lydy Sr. said.

Both young men knew deep inside they were Spartans. David Lydy Jr. applied to numerous colleges, but said he grew up coming to MSU and it was the only college he really considered.

His brother, Kyle, applied to two colleges—MSU and the University of Michigan—knowing he wanted to study business. He chose MSU for the Broad College, its programs, and its reputation of teaching students soft skills sought by industry that go beyond classroom knowledge, such as how to build relationships and talk with people in business.

“It’s about building teamwork here,” Kyle Lydy said, adding that doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive at the Broad College. The difference, he said, is that competition doesn’t mean stepping over top of others.

Everyone wants each other to do well, and students work in teams with the same goal, David Lydy Jr. said. “The pressure is really internal when you see what others were doing,” he said.

And the relationships built while at MSU are strong, the brothers said.

“I’ve met so many people,” David Lydy Jr. said. Whether it was bonding with fraternity brothers, networking with other business students, or establishing connections at career fairs with recruiters—many who are also Spartans—relationships began at Michigan State.

“MSU is the icebreaker many times,” David Lydy Jr. said, explaining how he connected with alumni when interviewing for his internship with Deloitte during the winter of 2013.

When he arrived at Deloitte, he didn’t entirely understand what auditing was, but he chose that area and found his niche. That internship set the stage for his career. He will work full-time in auditing for Deloitte beginning in September.

Kyle Lydy will also join Deloitte after completing his MS in accounting in December. However, he will work in the tax area. While the brothers never intended to work at the same place, they say like MSU, the culture has drawn them there.

The Lydys are grateful for the education and opportunities MSU and the Broad College have brought their way.

And another Lydy is now at MSU. Christian Lydy begins his sophomore year at the university this fall, and while he is not a business major, his dad and brothers laughingly say that could change.

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