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A New Pi Day Tradition: MBA Students Raise Big Bucks for Children’s Advocacy Charity

By Emily Reyst

March 14, 2017 marked the first day that the Graduate Supply Chain Management Association students camped out on the first floor of the Business College selling local delicacies: MSU Dairy Store ice cream and Grand Traverse Pie Company pies. Why? To raise money for a cause, of course.

steve newark
Steve Newark, president of community outreach for the Graduate Supply Chain Management Association, led the FTMBA charge in fundraising

The fundraiser started on Tuesday, March 14th, and went through Friday, March 17th. “We sponsored the event on Pi Day because we’re selling pie on March, 14 … 3.14 if you forgot,” said Patrick Drinan, treasurer of the GSCMA. “All the money goes toward Small Talk, a children’s advocacy charity in the Lansing area that focuses on providing counseling and legal services on behalf of children who have some kind of trauma in their lives like abuse or lost a loved one.”

The students found success with the event last year, and decided to shoot for positive results again this year. “Last year was when we started to pair up with Grand Traverse Pie Company and they loved it,” said Tess Moreno, VP of Corporate Relations of the GSCMA. “They saw how great of an outcome we had and how much money we raised so they wanted to come back, and I think they’re going to do it for many more years.”

This year the GSCMA raised a total of $759.61, all of which will go to Small Talk.

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