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Broad Business Model Competition

Powered by the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Now entering its eighth year, the Broad Business Model Competition is MSU’s premiere showcase for student business innovation. With $50,000 in scholarship winnings available, the event serves as the ideal launching point for student ventures at MSU. The competition is open to all registered MSU students regardless of major or class status (graduate or undergraduate).


The total purse for the event is $50,000 which is divided over the top five ventures, as well as two People’s Choice Awards.

Note: Awards are granted to the winning teams in the form of scholarships that are refunded to the students as long as they do not have any outstanding balances (tuition, tickets, etc.) with the University.

What are the Prize Values?


1st Place: $25,000

2nd Place: $15,000

3rd Place: $5,000

4th Place : $2,500

5th Place: $1,000

People’s Choice: $500 (2x)

The Top Ventures

art + texture logo


The next evolutionary stage of fashion: not just wearing clothing, but experiencing it. Sweatshirt One is a modular garment that serves as a customizable clothing platform for customer engagement/interaction. The multi-faceted design is capable of accommodating for a range of styles and silhouettes, adapting to the constantly evolving stylistic and functional preferences of the user. With the opportunity of interchanging components of the garment, the user is able to design a new garment, every time they interact with it. This concept is not only an opportunity for customer engagement, but also a sustainable alternative to the repetitive/predictable nature of the status quo offering in the streetwear industry.


  • Timosha Krivtsov (Junior, Apparel and Textile Design)
  • Ally Iverson (Freshman, Apparel and Textile Design)
  • Jack Mobley (Sophomore, Marketing and Economics)
  • Max Offerman (Sophomore, Environmental Studies and Sustainability)
  • Shankho Bhattacharjee (Sophomore, Business Preference)
  • Graham Cornish (Freshman, Mechanical Engineering)
Craft It Yourself logo

Craft It Yourself

Craft It Yourself (“CIY”) is a monthly arts and crafts subscription box, delivered directly to the consumers’ door. CIY boxes come stuffed with all the materials and tools required to complete a fun and creative craft project, along with links to accompanying web-based instructional videos. Boxes rotate monthly (and often feature seasonal options), exposing crafters to a variety of diverse activities including ceramics, painting, beading, and more! Additionally, CIY guarantees that each project can be completed without any prior crafting ability or skills, creating an inclusive-minded experience. Materials are meticulously selected and measured to ensure that each box leaves little or no waste after the craft project is complete.


  • Broc Edwards (BA Finance ’17, E&I Minor)
  • Nikole "Niki" Sargent (Sophomore, Marketing, E&I Minor)
  • Nikolaj Brons-Piche (BA Accounting and Finance ’16, Texas Wesleyan University)
ELevate logo

[EL]evate Kava Bar

[EL]evate Kava Bar aims to be the newest and hippest coffee shop in downtown East Lansing. The relaxing drinks feature kava, a Polynesian root used for more than 2,000 years to treat stress and anxiety. Producing a euphoric high similar to alcohol, kava comes without the mess - no memory impairment, slurred speech, or hangover. With late night hours, a house DJ, and a social environment all day long, [EL]evate Kava Bar will prove to be a fierce competitor to traditional nightlife in college towns.


  • Peyton Lombardo (Senior, Media and Information)
From Himalayas logo

From Himalayas

“From Himalayas” is a blockchain-based ethical supply chain bringing sustainability to Himalayan handicrafts. Creating a global brand of ethically sourced, high quality, and authentic handicrafts for eco-conscious millennial customers, “From Himalayas” disrupts the current supply chain, which is riddled with counterfeits and hungry middle-men. “From Himalayas” will increase craftsmen’s wages by 500 percent, turning craftsmanship into a sustainable profession for the native people and reviving the dying crafts and sustainable way of life in the fragile Himalayan ecosystem.


  • Samarth Mungali (MBA Supply Chain Management ’18)
  • Bhavna Bahri (MBA ’17, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee)
  • Aditya Belwal (Senior Technology Manager, Bangalore, India)

Grateful Goddess

Grateful Goddess toothscrub is designed to be a healthy, natural, and effective solution for keeping your body, the environment, and your teeth clean at the same time - without breaking the bank. Our toothscrub is made from three simple ingredients: essential oils, baking soda, and coconut oil, which helps us provide a high quality and sustainable product.


  • Christabelle Dozeman (MSU alum, Communication)
  • DeVera Henderson (Senior, Cyber Security, Davenport University)
  • Jonathan Ristola (Senior, Mechanical Engineering)
LineLeap logo


LineLeap creates a “fast pass” option for popular venues in cities and on college campuses. Through LineLeap’s website, users have the ability to skip the line at their favorite bars and nightclubs. Since launching in February 2017, LineLeap has grown to 24 employees serving more than 20 venues for 11 different cities and campuses, most notably Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. LineLeap has generated $120K in gross fast pass revenue from more than 3,000 active customers and 5,000 fast pass sales at partnered venues. LineLeap has also recently won first place and $15,000 at UW-Madison’s Transcend Competition – the country’s largest student-run competition.


  • Chase Garland (Freshman, Marketing)
  • Max Schauff (Junior, Biological and Machinery Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Patrick Skelly (Junior, Economics, University of Michigan)
  • Nick Becker (Sophomore, Finance and Accounting, University of Michigan)
Lingco logo


Lingco is an adaptive language learning platform for schools. It creates an individualized learning path to guide students through the curriculum set by the instructor, focusing on their individual strengths and weaknesses. It provides instructors with detailed and actionable insights into students’ progress, identifying areas they should spend more time on and recommending exercises for them to assign.


  • Seth Killian (Junior, Computer Science)
  • Ian Rowan (Senior, Applied Engineering)
M-Kulinda logo


M-Kulinda is a start-up company that focuses on using sensor-based technologies to reduce levels of burglary in Kenya. The company utilizes the increasing usage of mobile phones and mobile banking to provide a better way for low-income households to adopt sensor-based technologies. Our vision at M-Kulinda is to be the best, most reliable provider of technological and innovative solutions to challenges in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby closing the existing gap in the area of access and usage of sensors for social-economic growth.


  • George Hope Chidziwisano (Master's, Media and Information - specializing in Human Computer Interaction)


People need to eat. The way food is produced directly impacts the environment and the people eating it. PermacultureD supports small, sustainable farms through a unique process of co-creation to design with farmers, finding solutions to their most important problems together. Our main product, the mobile maize thresher, is the first in a family of appropriate agricultural technologies that will help small farmers be more productive, profitable, and sustainable. Beginning with small farmers in Africa, PermacultureD is committed to facilitating the transition to sustainable, permanent agriculture on a global scale.


  • Adam Lyman (Master’s, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Sifaya Mufalali (Engineer, Technical Services Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Zambia)
Raw + Rooted logo

Raw + Rooted

Raw + Rooted is an all-natural gourmet snack bite company founded on the basis of holistic wellness. Different from any other snack on the market, we offer delicious and convenient bites made with ingredients found closest to the source. We created three different gluten-free and dairy-free bites to satisfy any craving. With 100-percent compostable packaging and a wholesome bite inside, our goal is to make the world a healthier place, one bite at a time.


  • Brianna Makaric (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
  • Kim Pedersen (Sophomore, Marketing)
Rentfolio logo


Rentfolio is a crowd-investing real estate company focused on pooling investors that want exposure to the real estate industry. We will provide our customers with the ability to invest in a percentage of a property where each month they will receive that percentage of the rental income. This type of fixed income generation will allow investors to achieve investment goals without the hassle of managing the property themselves or personally hiring a management company.


  • Rustam Turanov (Senior, Finance)
  • Kaitlyn Setter (Senior, Marketing)
  • Ean Dubrowsky (Senior, Finance)
  • Adhi Rajaprabhakaran (Senior, Economics and Applied Computational Mathematics)

Smart Staffing

Smart Staffing is a startup that is dedicated to giving the elderly the best possible experience in one of the last intimate relationships of their lifetimes. By offering an easy-to-use tool, we allow adult in-home health care agencies to automate the process of assigning and scheduling caregivers with clients. Our software can reduce the amount of overhead needed in an office by 25-50 percent while maximizing revenue, minimizing scheduling errors, and improving caregiver retention and customer satisfaction.


  • Bailey Paxton (Junior, Finance and Psychology)
  • Yash Patel (Junior, Computer Science)

Spartan Semiconductors

Spartan Semiconductors is a next generation, high-power diamond semiconductor manufacturer. Built on 18 patents by Professor Timothy Grotjohn, PhD, at Michigan State University, Spartan Semiconductors has redefined both the semiconductor and lab-grown diamond industries. By leveraging the inherent superior capabilities of Spartan Semiconductors technology into the aerospace industry, airline firms will be able to save $10.5M per aircraft per year while only needing to remove 5 percent of their electrical system during their mandatory half-life refurbishment. As excited as Spartan Innovations is to get involved in the aerospace industry, the opportunities in supercars, communications, electric vehicles and their chargers, and smart grids have strong needs that can be addressed as well. For only $7.5M, you can join Spartan Semiconductors in disrupting industries with a market share of $858B (and growing).


  • Joe Drury (MBA Marketing ’19)
  • Joe Phongpreecha (PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering)
  • Cory Wilson (PhD Candidate, Packaging)
Tee Box Club logo

Tee Box Club

Tee Box Club delivers golf essentials straight to our members’ doors according to their custom schedule. For every dozen golf balls we sell, we donate three golf balls to non-profit children’s golf associations across the country.


  • Matt Fernandez (Senior, Marketing, E&I Minor)
  • Shervin Mirshab (Senior, Neuroscience)
  • Andrew Cansfield (Senior, Health Communications, Grand Valley State University)
TrackOR logo


TrackOR automatically keeps track of all surgical instruments as they are called for by the surgeon so that no instrument can be forgotten. The app uses Natural Language Processing to continuously listen for key words or commands from the surgical team, in order to keep track of which instruments are currently being used by the surgical team and which have been returned to the instrument tray. The goal is to eliminate cases of Retained Surgical Bodies (RSB), which currently cost the healthcare industry approximately $300 million each year.


  • Peter Carras (Sophomore, Computer Science)
  • Katja Oklejas (Sophomore, Finance and Computational Math, CSE minor)
Trinhydral logo


Trinhydral is a for-profit venture to supply clean water to everyone through means of devices created by us and services. We will be releasing our first product - Trinhydral Filter - which requires no electricity, is hand pumped, mobile, carried like a backpack, holds enough to support families, and is a three-step filter unit purifier that clears water of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and more. This product will be targeted to sell to nonprofits/charities/governments to provide to people in need, like places in developing countries. Other services/devices in the future will contribute to solve problems with water, tackling niche markets such as hikers, people who aren’t allowed to have filters installed in home, the army, interchangeable components to handle particular confirmations in water such as the Flint water crisis, and more!


  • Malik Jackson (Sophomore, Chemical Engineering - Biomedical, E&I Minor)


Vloggle is a video sharing app where users can easily record, edit, share, and connect with their friends through beautifully captured videos. With Vloggle, users can capture many different moments in their life, and combine and edit the clips into a single video for the world to see in just a few minutes. We provide our users with amazing edits and animations to help them complete their videos in our user-friendly app. Once a user is satisfied with his/her edits, our algorithm will merge all clips together into one video to share with their followers.


  • Michael Jajou (Sophomore, Computer Science)
  • Christian Marougi (Sophomore, Accounting)
  • David Girjis (Sophomore, Accounting, Wayne State University)

White Space Services

A collection of services aimed at helping elders adopt technology by supporting their learning in a community-based setting. We offer technology workshops where a trained leader and assistants address class learning goals through the use of discussions, presentations on new technology topics, and demonstrations of new devices. Our at-home installation services would provide a convenient option for an elder needing someone to set up a new device or to get help with a technology issue. Our rental service allows elders to test out and compare new devices with little risk before they decide to purchase one. All of our services, educational content, and membership information will be detailed on our website as well as on our user-friendly app.


  • Ashley Smith (Junior, Advertising Management)
  • Austin Pitts (Junior, Economics)


WonderWol is an East Lansing-based agricultural company providing a bio-control method to prevent citrus greening disease. Over the past 10 years, citrus greening has led to a reduction in citrus production in the U.S., leading to a loss of more than $4.6B in revenue. WonderWol-Asian Citrus Psyllids (ACPs) are an effective biological control method to prevent spread and progression of citrus greening in an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner.


  • Amrita Oak (PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)
  • Huijie (Jade) Feng (PhD Candidate, Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Key Dates & Judging Process

Phase 1: Intent to Compete

Due by January 31, 2018

The first phase of the competition requires the completion of an Intent to Compete form which provides a summary of the business idea or concept. Applicants will be asked to answer questions related to the following aspects of the business or idea:

  • What opportunity or problem are you addressing?
  • What is your proposed product/service and how does it address the opportunity/problem?
  • Who wants your solution? How big and valuable is the potential market?
  • How do you make (or plan to make) money?
  • What costs are associated with your business or creating your idea?
  • Who is on your team? Why are you/they qualified to do this?

All applications will be reviewed for completeness and clarity of the criteria outlined above.

Phase 2: Business Plan Development

Due by March 9, 2018

In Phase 2 applicants will be tasked with preparing a professional business plan for their company or idea.

Teams that choose to participate will be supported in numerous ways to ensure that a high quality plan is produced in this process.

  • Applicants will be assigned an alumni mentor with experience in business planning (and likely their given industry) to serve as a sounding board for plan development.
  • Applicants will be required to attend at least one business planning workshop conducted by Burgess Institute instructors.
  • Applicants will receive complimentary access to LivePlan business planning software.

 Plans will be due via email to: by 5 p.m., March 9, 2018.

Phase 3: Judging & Marketplace Final

On April 20, 2018

Judging Process: Upon receipt of the completed business plans each plan will be distributed to a network of judges who will score the plan according to strengths and weaknesses. Applicants will receive written feedback for areas of improvement. The judges’ scores will be compiled and the top twenty (20) applicants will be notified on April 6, 2018 of their acceptance to the Marketplace Final.

Marketplace Final (April 20, 2018): Unlike traditional business plan competitions the Broad Business Model Competition does not require a live Power Point presentation in front of a large audience. Instead finalists will attend a “tradeshow format” event in which each team will have a display area for marketing material and will proactively network with the audience (including judges) to share their vision and goals for their business venture or idea. 

  • Key Information:
    • Date: April 20, 2018
    • Location: MSU Union – Ballroom (2nd Floor Concourse)
    • Schedule:
      • 2:00 p.m.: Judges arrive and start evaluations
      • 3:00 p.m.: Open to public
      • 4:30 p.m.: Judges start deliberations
      • 5:30 p.m.: Awards and brief program
      • 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.: Reception

A panel of judges consisting of distinguished alumni, as well as respected members of Michigan’s investment and business communities will be in attendance to determine the winning teams. (Note - this panel will be made up of different individuals than those that participated in choosing the top 20.)

Application Process

In the application form you will be asked to provide answers to a few questions about your venture. You can participate in the competition irrespective of your company’s stage, but you cannot have received an award in the Broad Business Model Competition in the last four years for the same business concept. Individuals or teams at the idea/concept stage of development are also encouraged to participate. Every team has an equal chance. The application process is run through and all applicants will be prompted to make a user profile.

Attend the Broad Business Model Competition Final

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