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Intern Profiles

Michigan State University Broad College of Business students travel the world every year on internships. They gain valuable work experience and get an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime. For a snapshot of where some of our interns landed this summer and to gain insight into what they learned from the experience, see the interactive page below.

Yoodong Hwang
BA Finance
Meijer - Grand Rapids, MI

“My project is based on learning about vendor, carrier, and customer relationships. I learned that putting in the time to get to know your co-workers and build trust with them is really important for the experience you want to have.”

Valentino Bernardi
BA Finance
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“My favorite moment thus far was being able to attend a networking session on a yacht that went up and down the Detroit River. The session was with some highly respected executives at GM who had a lot of advice and great lessons for young professionals.”

Utkarsh Sachaan
MS Business Analytics
IHS Markit -

“My internship in predictive analytics/machine learning enabled me to look at mammoth volumes of data focusing on developing an efficient product. We are learning data wrangling, modeling, and presentation. My favorite part of the experience is working on a innovative idea and presenting it to the company president as part of a competition between all interns globally.”

Tyler Nelson
BA Marketing
Stryker - Portage, MI

“My favorite part is being given tasks that matter. I know each day I come into work that I will be able to do something that will benefit the company. For example, one of my projects was sent out to the entire internal and external marketing and sales teams.”

Snigdha Tiwari
Sears Holdings - Chicago, IL

“I learnt to adapt to change. Things don't always go as planned, but finding the way around and being open to new challenges is the key.”

Sean Mulvihill
BA Finance
General Motors - Lake Orion, MI

“My favorite experience has been working with the autonomous vehicle. It is exciting to work so close to the product and to see the process a new vehicle goes through prior to launching it.”

Samantha Terrian
BA Supply Chain Management
General Motors - Warren, MI

“Each day I spend time working with different functions – suppliers, purchasers, ergonomics and safety group, and so much more – and see how important the relationship between the departments is. The way they communicate with one another is key to making sure vehicles are produced on time and the business as a whole runs efficiently and effectively.”

Ramin Vismeh
MBA Supply Chain Management
Johnson & Johnson - New Brunswick, NJ

“I work with the Janssen R&D procurement team on communications in change management. The most valuable lesson learned for me is how to network with a purpose. In other words, you should ask your colleagues for help and guidance because they know a lot more than you do as an intern. Knowing how to do that is the key to getting your project done.”

Peyton Longlet
BA Accounting
Stryker - Kalamazoo, MI

“My favorite experience was touring some of the manufacturing facilities. After spending weeks talking about dollars and spreadsheets and policies, seeing products being made that have the potential to save lives was an awesome reminder of how accounting fits into Stryker's ultimate mission to make healthcare better.”

Niki Krear
BA Finance
Bedrock - Detroit, MI

“Taking a couple extra hours a day to do some learning on your own will benefit you. Beginning my internship at Bedrock I barely knew anything about real estate. During my first week I was assigned projects involving financial models with line items I was unfamiliar with. In order for me to successfully complete these models I needed to learn how a pro forma works, which I did by watching about 10 hours’ worth of videos while building my own model from scratch.”

Nathan Mercier
BA Supply Chain Management
Stryker - Portage, MI

“I have learned that relationships and the perception people have of you plays a big part in your success not only at Stryker, but also at every company you work for. With that being said, I have learned to be aware of my audience and always stay humble and kind.”

Nanci Sethi
MBA Finance
General Motors - Detroit, MI

“I learned how to create business cases to quantify present and future services of GM. I have come to realize how important it is to build relationships in a big company as GM and leverage these relationships to gather the information necessary to develop an accurate business case that benefits the firm in the long run.”

Megan Justus
MBA Supply Chain Management/Finance
Johnson & Johnson - New Brunswick, NJ

“I am enhancing the knowledge management system to reduce duplication in consulting engagements and leverage insights across the business. I have learned that networking is key to a successful internship; Johnson & Johnson is abundant with resources and it is my job to make the most of it and build strong connections.”

Megan Chandler
BA Human Resource Management
Robert Bosch - Farmington Hills, MI

“My main responsibilities include the organizational development of the intern program, and generating and implementing division job descriptions and interview guidelines for hiring managers to utilize when positions are vacant. My favorite part of my internship has been networking with other interns to ensure they are reaching their highest potential from their experience at Bosch and outreach with their managers.”

Matthew Shagena
BA Marketing
Altria - Detroit, MI

“I am in charge of calling on 35 retail locations, performing consulting and solution selling. I help store owners increase profits, while also helping myself grow professionally.”

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