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Intern Profiles

Michigan State University Broad College of Business students travel the world every year on internships. They gain valuable work experience and get an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime. For a snapshot of where some of our interns landed this summer and to gain insight into what they learned from the experience, see the interactive page below.

Gigi Ngcobo
BA, Management
SystemicLogic - Johannesburg, South Africa

“Companies that can leverage the principle of prompt seamless execution become market leaders. ”

Celia Oatis
BA, Finance
Donnelly Penman & Partners - Grosse Pointe, MI

“The most important lesson I have learned is the value of time. In investment banking, it is critical to recognize the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks. I was working on a financial model for a firm project when I was given the pressing assignment of creating business overviews for potential companies our client could acquire. After staying late at the office to create a detailed PowerPoint Presentation, my work was sent to the CEO of a $700 million company. ”

Christopher Chacko
BA, Supply Chain Management
Crowe LLP -

“In consulting you are often thrown into companies with expectations that you will learn everything you need to in order to solve the client’s issues. I've heard the analogy 'drinking from the fire hose' as many times as it has been relevant. To put it simply, this summer I have learned how to think. How to break problems down from a high level, and selectively dive deeper into specific areas that will be the most beneficial for our clients and their customers.”

Collin Tefft
BA, Hospitality Business
Xanterra - Yellowstone National Park, WY

“My favorite experience was being able to hike every day after work and experience all of the landscapes and animals. I have learned about the operational systems and hiring process within the park and everything that goes into running a company with a staff of over 2,000 people. ”

Claire Murray
BA, Hospitality Business
Greater Lansing Sports Authority - Lansing, MI

“I have always been passionate about how the events and sports and entertainment industry work together and this opportunity has only grown my passion. Through this experience, I have, and continue, to contribute to the leading voice of sports tourism in the Greater Lansing area and to promote economic growth by attracting a diverse range of sporting events to the region.”

Parker Decraene
BA, Finance
Citigroup REIT Equity Research - New York City, NY

“My favorite experience was leading the initiation process for a new company to be added to our coverage list. This experience allowed me to build our financial model, write the initiation note, create our investment thesis, tour properties owned by the company and competitors, and meet with company management and ask questions on multiple occasions. ”

Brendan Connolly
BA, Hospitality Business
The Apparatus Room at The Detroit Fondation Hotel - Detroit, MI

“Working under Chef Thomas Lents means that I have had the opportunity to learn about how a Michelin-starred kitchen is run: from major concepts, such as how new dishes make their way to the menu, to minor details, such as always cutting tape, rather than ripping it.”

Rachel Powell
BA, Hospitality Business
Lake Shore Country Club - Glencoe, IL

“My favorite experience so far was my general manager allowing me to bring a Bald Eagle to the club for the Fourth of July celebration! I contacted a nearby bird rehabilitation facility who brought Captain Jack, a one-eyed bald eagle, to help inform members about the importance of conservation as well as allow them an opportunity to see our nation's bird up close. ”

Andrew Williamson
BA, Hospitality Business
CHMWarnick - Beverly, MA

“I have learned that the ownership side of hotels can be extremely complex with many different moving parts. On a daily basis you are communication with ownership and the operations team on property. The key is to find a balance in this relationship to establish team work that will work together to increase the value of the asset. This internship has also given me perceptive of looking at multiple properties and applying something that was successful at one property to another.”

Christopher Horton
BA, Finance
Barclays - Chicago, IL

“My favorite part of my internship thus far has been experiencing an acquisition financing and the syndication process. I was fortunate enough to work with the sponsor, leverage finance, and syndication teams along the way. I’ve learned a lot about acquisition and buyout financing and how the due diligence and deal process run at a major investment bank. Furthermore, I’ve learned about buyside advisory and the process surrounding a merger of equals. ”

Ryleigh Kuhn
BA, Hospitality Business
Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters - Saint Clair Shores, MI

“My favorite experience was putting together our staff picnic. Instead of shadowing behind our bosses and learning, we were given the initiative to do it ourselves and using what we have learned to successfully execute what we had planned for.”

Katelynn Matt
BA, Hospitality Business
Franklin Hills Country Club - Franklin, MI

“What I wanted to learn most and what I did was what kind of manager I wanted to be. I have seen many different styles from all three of my managers that have been mentoring me and I got to see which style worked best in different situations and with different people. I also was able to learn more about how to react and handle members and outside guests when serious situations arise within the club.”

Claire Domanick
BA, Hospitality Business
Foster the Family - Sicklerville, NJ

“My favorite experience so far has been seeing events come to life in order to directly and tangibly serve foster children and foster families. I have learned that the smallest of tasks can make the biggest difference in the lives of under-served populations. ”

Alexis Gardner
BA, Hospitality Business
JW Marriott - Grand Rapids, MI

“My favorite experience so far is being a part of the Marriott family. They welcomed me with open arms and I felt at home instantly. Even though I have only worked here for three months, it feels like I’ve been here for years. I actually wake up excited to go to work.”

Ellie Olszewski
BA, Hospitality Business
Pine Trace Golf Club - Rochester Hills, MI

“Multiple times I was on my own to complete a project or task. I had to adapt to my surroundings and use my leadership skills to work on projects without my supervisors or coworkers. At the end of the day it made me feel valuable and accomplished.”

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