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Rebecca Marciniak

Rebecca Marciniak


Project Manager, Roland Berger, Detroit, MI since 2013


BA, Michigan State University Honors College, History and International Relations (James Madison College) (2006); MBA, University of Michigan Ross School of Business (2012)


“I am a strategic and analytical thinker and am constantly looking to prove or solve something. I started my career in a start-up which kept my interest and passion, but after a couple years I found myself de-motivated with the repetition of the now more mature business and curious on how I would change the company I worked for or what kind of job would satisfy. Consulting ends up being the perfect career for someone like me. It’s fast paced, project requests change constantly, one gets to have a modicum of creativity, spend time with people just as engaged as you, etc. I went to business school because I had an inkling I’d like to do consulting, and the MBA was probably the easiest pathway to break into it for someone without a business degree. The MBA experience and internship confirmed the consulting fit and I was lucky enough to find a company that checked many of the boxes I was looking for in a consulting firm.”


“It’s been ten years! I don’t know if I can name anything specific, so the cop-out answer would be: Having a liberal arts degree has been a great asset. It trains you to think big picture, imagine the consequences down the line and in the future and put together an argument or tell a story based on evidence. It encourages you to stay open-minded when finding a solution.  Also the study aboard experience, just having the exposure to different people and cultures throughout the world has enabled me to be more equipped and comfortable in a multi-national work environment. These two things I’m definitely thankful for from MSU and would not be the consultant I am today without them.”


“I would say, how fast you have to specialize in something. There is a bit of a ‘generalist myth’ in the consulting world.  The business model doesn’t really tolerate someone who is a jack-of-all-trades/interests after a certain point. Ultimately, the more you specialize, the more you are able to bring value and the more your consulting career will develop.”


“Be honest about the fit with a potential firm. Brand names can make great exit opportunities, and lots of people want to be able to say they do ‘sexy’ strategy projects, but if you want to be successful in the consulting field you have to find the firm that aligns with your personality, interests, and ways of doing things. If you don’t mesh well with the team or the types of projects, it can lead to unhappy results for you, for them and for the client.”

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