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Instilling a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic sought by today’s top employers, courses in the M.S. in Management, Strategy and Leadership will help you develop your personal influential style and gain the comprehensive leadership skills you need to help you move up in your career. The curriculum includes key components designed to help you lead an organization – from motivating individuals and mobilizing teams to making strategic decisions and implementing long-term plans.

The 20-month online degree program is comprised of 26 credits of required courses and 4 credits of electives, covering a wide range of topics, such as:


  • Ways to analyze current and future industry trends and their impact on your organization
  • Best practices for recruiting, developing and retaining top talent
  • Refined decision-making techniques utilizing frameworks and real business scenarios, broadening perspectives and enhancing capabilities for application to organizational situations


  • How to evaluate the market landscape and identify ways to positively impact your competitive position
  • Evidence-based perspectives, models and concepts to analyze current organizational issues and how to improve them
  • Anticipate, plan for and execute organizational change with proven strategy planning techniques
  • Strategies to counter changes in industry life cycles and global business operations
  • Differences in strategic and tactical planning


  • How training, succession planning and leadership development positively impact an organization
  • Different types of behaviors (such as participative, transactional, ethical, transformational, directive and supportive) and how they impact effective leadership
  • Differences between managing and leading, and how to develop, motivate, inspire and sustain effective teams to drive organizational success
  • How charismatic leaders drive performance through emotional intelligence, visioning, confidence expression and communication

This program leverages the convenience of anytime, anywhere video-based lectures and an interactive online classroom environment, without sacrificing quality or content. No campus visits are required, ensuring students can pursue a prestigious credential from an internationally recognized research university without diminishing their professional commitments.

Required Courses

Students must complete 20 credits from the following courses:


Complete 10 credits from the following courses. Students opting for a concentration must complete all four courses in that concentration.


Human Resource Management 

Strategic Management

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