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Spartan Insights Podcast

Join Host, Merrill Dubrow: CEO of M/A/R/C Research and MSMR Board Chair-Elect, as he interviews alumni and board members of the MSMR program at Michigan State University. Merrill and guests discuss essential topics and provide valuable advice for those within, entering, or considering a top career in the marketing research industry.

Jacci Weber, Manager of Consumer Insights at the Wendy's Company

Jacci shares helpful best practices for a great career in marketing research and about her experience in the MS in Marketing Research program at Michigan State University.

Michael Klaus, Associate Brand Manager Chest Wall at Stryker

Michael discusses his career path leading to Associate Brand Manager at Stryker and his experience in the MS in Marketing Research program at Michigan State University.

Patrick Loewen, Fusion Leader at Aimpoint Research

Patrick discusses his experience on the supplier side of MR, and also provides highly valuable insights for new and future MSMR students to be most successful.

Anita Watkins, Global Head of Research for Kantar

Anita shares expert advice on both her journey into qualitative research and how to be a top qualitative researcher in today's job market. Anita's exceptional advice and knowledge applies to all interested in a top career in qualitative research.

Sophia Wright, Sr. Analyst (NPS) at Delta Airlines

Sophia discusses valuable insights regarding NPS and customer satisfaction at Delta Airlines and her excellent experience in the MSU MSMR program. Sophia includes how the MSMR program best prepared her for her exceptional career.

Ryan Barry, CRO at Zappi (Part 1 of 2)

Ryan discusses essential tips and best practices to ensure optimal success for a top career in the marketing research (MR) industry. Ryan discusses how he evolved as a leader, his experience working in the culture of MR, and what everyone today should know for an amazing future in this career path.

Ryan Barry, CRO at Zappi (Part 2 of 2)

Ryan highlights the importance of a great work-life balance and how to organize your professional life to compliment time with family. Ryan also discusses how to start with and grow a company in regard to culture addition, business evolution, and innovation within an ever-changing industry.

Maryann Stockard, Customer Insights Manager, Zillow Group

Listen in as MaryAnn discusses her experience on both the client and supplier-side of marketing research. MaryAnn also explains the importance of insights throughout the marketing industry.

MSMR Student Blog

Anita Watkins of Kantar Visits Fall 2017 Cohort 
The essence of Marketing Research is an effort to understand how people think and what guides them to make choices.
2017 Q3-Q4 GRIT Report Analysis 
As Spring arrives, my time as a student in the MSMR program begins to wrap up...
Inside the Life of an MSMR Student: Brand Ambassador Qualitative Project 
I have taken time to reflect on one of the projects that was the most meaningful to me...
Anita Watkins of Kantar Visits Fall 2017 Cohort 
Anita Watkins, Global Head of Qualitative at Kantar, spoke with a graduate class on how to conduct qualitative research.
2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Gold Global Top 25 Report 
A blog post from a marketing research student's point of view.
2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Gold Global Top 25 Report 
The field of marketing research is extremely diverse
Global Market Research Firm, Ipsos RDA Group, Partners with Master of Science in Marketing Research Program Program 
Since the beginning, the MSMR program has focused on building long-term relationships with companies in the industry.
MSMR Program Recognized in GRIT Report 
The GRIT Report published by Greenbook is known for being one of the most comprehensive surveys in marketing research
The MSMR Cohorts Take on Their First Intensive 
For the last few weeks the students and professors in the MSMR program have been at work completing their "Intensives"
MSMR Field Trip 
On April 26, both our spring cohort and the fall cohort joined together to enjoy a day of corporate visits...
Broad MSMR Student Research Published in AMA’s Gold Global Top 25 Report 
As our digital landscape expands, the importance for marketers to look to the future is no surprise

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From goat yoga to glass packaging, marketing research students get involved 
The #1 ranked M.S. in Marketing Research program is a win-win for students and businesses.
Michigan tops Great Lakes state neighbors in jobs created by hunting and fishing, Broad College study finds 
Hunting and fishing create and support more than 171,000 jobs and around $11.2 billion in economic activity annually

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