Anita Watkins of Kantar Visits Fall 2017 Cohort 
The essence of Marketing Research is an effort to understand how people think and what guides them to make choices.
2017 Q3-Q4 GRIT Report Analysis 
As Spring arrives, my time as a student in the MSMR program begins to wrap up...
Inside the Life of an MSMR Student: Brand Ambassador Qualitative Project 
I have taken time to reflect on one of the projects that was the most meaningful to me...
Anita Watkins of Kantar Visits Fall 2017 Cohort 
Anita Watkins, Global Head of Qualitative at Kantar, spoke with a graduate class on how to conduct qualitative research.
2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Gold Global Top 25 Report 
A blog post from a marketing research student's point of view.
2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Gold Global Top 25 Report 
The field of marketing research is extremely diverse
Global Market Research Firm, Ipsos RDA Group, Partners with Master of Science in Marketing Research Program Program 
Since the beginning, the MSMR program has focused on building long-term relationships with companies in the industry.
MSMR Program Recognized in GRIT Report 
The GRIT Report published by Greenbook is known for being one of the most comprehensive surveys in marketing research
The MSMR Cohorts Take on Their First Intensive 
For the last few weeks the students and professors in the MSMR program have been at work completing their "Intensives"
MSMR Field Trip 
On April 26, both our spring cohort and the fall cohort joined together to enjoy a day of corporate visits...
Broad MSMR Student Research Published in AMA’s Gold Global Top 25 Report 
As our digital landscape expands, the importance for marketers to look to the future is no surprise

Hear from Marketing Research Students

M.S. in Marketing Research students share insights into the program and how it’s made an impact on them during their time enrolled at Broad.

MSMR student Abbie Balmer

Abbie Balmer

  • MSMR Fall 2017
    Ann Arbor, MI

“My experience in the MSMR program has been hugely fulfilling, both professionally and personally! The program offered me acceptance to a network of experts, professionals and peers who all support and celebrate one another’s academic and professional achievements.”

Zicheng Gao

  • MSMR Fall 2016
    Wuxi, China

“The MSU campus is beautiful and, as for the program, I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience – we are such a close-knit cohort, the professors are excellent and the program is customized to give a complete know-how of marketing research. After several months of being a student at Broad, I can still say that every day is a new experience and challenge.”

MSMR student Shefali Thitha

Xueyin Li

  • MSMR Fall 2016
    Taiyuan, China

“The courses I am taking in this program complement each other very well and I have had the chance to explore and excel in every aspect of marketing research – be it qualitative or quantitative. Our cohort has an interesting mix of students and the fact that we get to hear so many different voices on a subject adds to our web of knowledge.”

MSMR student Brett Grech

Brett Grech

  • MSMR Fall 2017
    Hartland, MI

“Over the past few months, our cohort has developed a family-like connection with one another. We are constantly working on team projects, which allow us to learn from one another and have made us comfortable asking for help when needed. The program is challenging, engaging and interesting. I am encouraged every day to do better than the last, and I am excited for the future opportunities that will present themselves to me because of my participation in this unique program.”

MSMR student Fay Xing

Fay Xing

  • MSMR Fall 2017
    Shenzhen, China

“The cohort is relatively small at 23 people, so the whole program is like a family. Students and faculty work together and help one another. The work is much more stressful than my previous experiences, but I appreciate the pressure that pushes me and prepares me for my future career.”

MSMR student Mithila Vidyanath

Mithila Vidyanath

  • MSMR Fall 2016
    Chennai, India

“I hadn’t expected to feel so much at home in a country that is on a whole new side of the world that I had never been to! Being at MSU has given me access to some of the most interesting people and a variety of resources that I had never imagined possible.”

MSMR student Jake Dudek

Jake Dudek

  • MSMR Spring 2017
    White Lake, MI

“During my time in the MSMR program, I have had the opportunity to meet, network and learn from so many professionals and students that would not have been possible in any other program. I am excited for all the opportunities awaiting my classmates and I upon our graduation.”

MSMR student Jason Switzer

Jason Switzer

  • MSMR Spring 2017
    Bloomfield Hills, MI

“My goal when joining the MSMR program at MSU was to develop the skills necessary to transition from my prior career as a lawyer to a market research professional. My experience so far has greatly exceeded my expectations. I love the professors’ focus on developing practical skills that will enable me to provide thoughtful analysis and insights and be successful in the workplace after I graduate. I have also enjoyed learning from the many guest speakers who have explained what client-side and supplier-side employers will expect of me once I join the workforce.”

MSMR student Yuwei Jing

Yuwei Jing

  • MSMR Fall 2017
    Hangzhou, China

“The professors and program director, Jessica, are so excellent and willing to give any help we need. Just three months into the program, I can say that the MSMR program is a really amazing program, will definitely enhance my academic and technical competence to design, manage and interpret research and bring me to a brighter future.”

MSMR student Sarah DeLuca

Sarah DeLuca

  • MSMR Spring 2017
    Grand Ledge, MI

“I’ve learned so much in the past few months and have met so many incredible people. I feel truly lucky to be a part of the MSMR program. Being able to write blogs and articles on the people and events of the program has also made me have a deeper appreciation.”

MSMR student Elaine (Yiye) Zhang

Elaine (Yiye) Zhang

  • MSMR Fall 2016
    Zhaoqing, China

“Not only is the faculty excellent, but we get to meet market research experts and get industry insights straight from them. Just one month into the program I attended my first career fair and the experience was invaluable! Also, it is so much fun studying with people from diverse background and experiences!”

MSMR student Li Ruikai

Li Ruikai

  • MSMR Fall 2016
    Wuxi, China

“A few months into the program and I already feel like I have learned so much. The style of teaching is very hands on and every day there is a new challenge. Jessica (MSMR’s program director) and our professors are all really helpful and warm hearted. I feel like a part of one big family!”

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