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Our MBAs receive a strong support system.

Broad has many resources available to help students of all backgrounds succeed from the moment they are admitted. MBAs have access to offices, services, networks and organizations across the Broad College and Michigan State University.

Support for Women

Women make up about 30 percent of the MBA program’s student population in a given class, and many unique opportunities are available to them. Broad has a strong network of present and future women business leaders; our alumnae are committed and eager to help maximize our students’ MBA experience and build equity in their career path and advancement.

Several organizations and support services are offered to give students the opportunity to learn from peers and alumnae, fine-tune leadership skills and attend events that address issues faced by women in business.

Broad Women MBA Association

The Broad Women MBA Association is a chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA). The association provides opportunities to hone professional skills and build relationships beyond the classroom with students, faculty, alumnae and business leaders through Women MBA Association events and activities such as the NAWMBA National Conference and Career Fair, professional workshops and social events. Other opportunities may include internship exchange as well as community events, including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Women in Business Students’ Association

The Women in Business Students’ Association provides a professional development forum for students of all majors. It focuses on helping members to work collectively toward career development in their chosen fields.

Forté Foundation Fellowship

The Forté Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools that are committed to educating and directing talented women toward leadership roles in business. Michigan State University is a proud sponsor of the Forté Foundation.

The Broad Full-Time MBA program offers fellowships to women who are pursuing a full-time MBA. All Forté Fellows at MSU are chosen at the time of admission and receive fellowships that are guaranteed for two years.

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Support for LGBTQ+ Students

The Broad Full-Time MBA program is committed to our efforts of supporting and developing the next LGBTQ+ business leaders. We offer our LGBTQ+ students and allies a variety of resources and opportunities to foster their success and build a community here at Broad.

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ROMBA (Reaching Out MBA) Fellowship

The Reaching Out LGBTQ+ MBA Fellowship was created to demonstrate that business schools are the top destination to develop the out LGBTQ+ and active ally business leaders of tomorrow. A select number of applicants are awarded this fellowship for the Broad Full-Time MBA each academic year.

The ROMBA fellowship is a monetary scholarship – a minimum of $10,000 per year, and includes free admission for all Reaching Out events, assistance with job/internship placement, an all expenses paid fellowship retreat, professional development workshops with top consulting companies, among other benefits.

Other Services Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

At MSU, we are more than the sum of our parts. Our diverse community challenges us to share our own ideas while considering other points of view. Here, student diversity is an asset. It makes us better learners, teachers, scholars, employees and community members.

Global companies look for leaders who are able to unite people in a common goal. A diverse student population brings together the necessary perspectives to solve today’s global business issues. Broad partners with multiple organizations to support diversity.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the presence of qualified students of color in leading entry-level careers and major graduate schools of business in preparation for leadership positions in corporations, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

MLT provides the roadmap, coaching, hard and soft skills, and door-opening relationships that transform high-potential minority talent into high-impact leaders. Its MBA Prep Program prepares African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans to apply to major business schools, like the MSU Full-Time MBA, and successfully navigate the corporate recruiting process once admitted. The MBA Prep experience includes two years of personalized coaching and five in-person seminars in which participants enhance their skills and build relationships with business school admission officers and recruiters from 60+ top corporations and social sector organizations.

In addition, fellows receive mentoring from MLT alumni, participate in high-impact volunteer leadership activities and connect with organizations which provide GMAT preparation. We are proud of our relationship with MLT and welcome fellows to apply to Broad.

Prospanica (formerly National Society of Hispanic MBAs)

Prospanica is a professional business network that promotes economic and philanthropic advancement. Among its goals is enhancing career management opportunities for Hispanic MBAs from school to leadership positions, through job placement and world-class professional development.

MSU is a member of Prospanica’s University Partner Program, which aids in the recruitment of Hispanic students to the Broad College, and provides financial assistance to qualified Hispanic MBA students through scholarships, fellowships and assistantships.

Multicultural MBA Association

The Multicultural MBA Association is dedicated to fostering a community among ethnically diverse students within the Full-Time MBA program. One of the major factors in choosing an MBA program is gaining global perspective, interacting with people from different backgrounds and enhancing cultural exchange. The Multicultural MBA Association helps students form this bond.

The Multicultural MBA Association’s goal is to help members navigate the MBA journey. There are several annual association events aimed at preparing members for upcoming courses, job fairs/conferences, interviews and the challenges of being an MBA candidate.

Support for International Students

The Broad Full-Time MBA program is culturally and racially diverse, with students from all over the globe. International students generally make up about 30 percent of a given class. They come from Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, India, Canada, and the Middle East.

Broad is a place where domestic and international students form lasting bonds, which enhances return on the MBA degree. The learning that happens in the hallways, lounges and trails along the Red Cedar River can be as meaningful as what occurs in the classroom.

Office for International Students and Scholars

The Office for International Students and Scholars provides comprehensive information and support services for international students, scholars and their families and assists with the transition to the university and surrounding community.

Academic and Program Support


The MBA Association coordinates an active student mentoring program in which second-year MBA students act as mentors for first-year students. Mentors help with the transition to life on campus and to the demands of the Broad MBA program.

Our international community of students has a similar mentoring program that also helps them acclimate to life in the United States and to the MBA program. Both programs include events during which participating students meet and mingle.

MBA students are also able to leverage the large support network of MBA faculty, alumni and business professionals that all play an active role in ensuring new students become adept strategic thinkers and active problem-solvers. Our highly collaborative learning environment makes it easy for MBA peers to form supportive professional relationships that lead to lifelong networking opportunities.

MSU Council for Graduate Students

The Council of Graduate Students is the authorized student government body on campus representing graduate and professional students at various levels across MSU. Its mission is to improve and advance graduate education through:

  • Advocacy
  • Innovative research
  • Development and dissemination of best practices

Office of MBA Academic and Program Services

The Office of MBA Academic and Program Services offers advising and support throughout the duration of your program by providing:

  • Opportunities that prepare ethical and global-minded leaders
  • Support from two student advocates who coach you through the academic and co-curricular processes
  • Programming that enhances the MBA experience

Team Advisors

Because the Broad MBA program requires a high level of cooperative teamwork, each MBA team has a team advisor. Team advisors are available during the first year and meet with their assigned team regularly throughout the first semester.