On April 30, students from Sriram Narayanan’s SCM 372 class presented their service learning projects at the Kellogg Center. The projects, a culmination of a semester’s work, were organized in partnership with the Service Learning Group at MSU.

The projects were a part of the Lilly Fellowship which Associate Professor Narayanan had been pursuing for the last year. The organizations which participated were the Michigan Department of Corrections, Michigan State Industries, Department of Technology Management and Budget, Peckham Inc. and Sparty (internal organization).

The event was a success, with more than 30 people attending from different state agencies and partner organizations. Each group received an in-depth conversation with the respective student groups on the projects they worked on as well as their recommendations.

The agencies left with a very positive impression of MSU and the capability of its supply chain students. Comments often mentioned the professionalism of the students, their ability to ask good questions, their writing skills, as well as their creativity to come up with novel solutions working with big data sets.

All of the partners saw tremendous value in what the students accomplished and the students were proud of what they had done.

More info on the Lilly Teaching Fellows Program.