Thanksgiving is about good company, good times, and of course, good food. But if you also make it about homework, you’ll be thanking yourself come finals. By dedicating some time to your classes over Thanksgiving break you will have better grades to celebrate when the semester is over in December. Below are a few tips to make that happen.

  • Plan ahead
    Budget chunks of time to study or work on projects, and tell your friends or family when that is so they don’t disturb you. This way you’ll be able to spend guilt-free time with your friends and family without worrying about what you have and haven’t studied.
  • Employ new study habits
    Switch up your study style to keep the content fresh in your mind. The more you learn things different ways, the better your brain will remember it later. Try studying for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break via the Pomodoro Method; re-write notes, especially ones originally taken on a computer, for better comprehension; or utilize websites like Quizlet and their different approach to flashcards like “gravity,” “scatter,” and “test.”
  • Lock yourself off from your computer
    It’s been proven that distractions while studying significantly reduce accurate recall, and the Internet is the largest and most tempting distraction. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, use internet blocking app Cold Turkey (or Self Control on a Mac) to cut yourself off from those distracting websites.
  • Change locations
    Similar to changing study methods, changing locations has been proven to improve material retention. Take an hour to study at home, then switch it up and head to the local coffee shop for a fresh cup of coffee and another review session.
  • Get some sleep and eat well
    Taking care of your body is the first and most important step to taking care of your mind, so make sure while you’re socializing and studying over the holiday to get a good night’s sleep and eat well. Also, studying right before bed makes it easier to remember the next day.
  • Give yourself a break
    As tempting as it is to see a break as free study time, Thanksgiving is for family. Enjoy your weekend with the people you love, and be thankful that you are going to the best school around.