Photo: Michael deLongpre
Michael deLongpre
Class of 2011
Concentrations:  Finance, Consulting

I simply cannot believe how much time has already passed. The professors and career services staff have kept us busy in the best way possible. When we get out of class, there is always something else to take care of. From career fairs, mock interviews, and team meetings to off-campus events for the student associations, it is an understatement to call our schedules frenetic. Combine all of those commitments with tailgating in the MBA alumni tent at the Saturday football games and trying to get to know the rest of the first and second-year students, and it is amazing how fast time flies. This program exceeded all of my expectations.

We had our first on-campus career fair which was attended by 20+ companies and over one hundred MSU MBA students. It is a little intimidating but very exciting to be in that atmosphere. Our class is so talented and the skills are so diverse. Everyone is excited for Minneapolis and the NSHMBA conference and career expo this coming weekend. There are over 400 companies represented at the career fair and this is the first chance that many of the students will have to meet with representative from their top-choice companies. Many of our classmates have already attended the NBMBAA in New Orleans and had glowing reviews of the connections and the progress they made toward their career goals. I am thrilled to get the chance to meet so many recruiters from the medical field, which is where I hope to find an internship.

Speaking of internships, I had my first interview for a summer position last week. I had only one interview so far but many of my classmates have had several, and some are preparing for on-site 2nd-rounds! This is the clearest indication of the talent that surrounds me here at Broad. I am so impressed with the quality of the students. I am confident that the Eli Broad name will precede me at the career expo and I am very hopeful I will come back from Minneapolis with several more interviews! As the schedule relaxes and some of our half-term courses come to an end, we can focus more on the job hunt, but until then, nose to the grindstone!