The Dale Carnegie program was filled with enthusiasm, energy, and insight.” This is what one student said of the three-hour custom-designed Dale Carnegie professional development program offered to students in The School of Hospitality Business at MSU on Saturday, September 17.

Executive board students at the Dale Carnegie PDP event.Each fall, members of the executive boards of The School’s eight industry-related clubs and three major events are invited to attend the Dale Carnegie PDP early in the school year, giving them an introduction to effective communication, stress management, people, and leadership skills – all to build self-confidence.  Taught by MSU graduate and Master Trainer Phil Zeller (BA ’96), the program uses classic Dale Carnegie principles in a setting uniquely designed to develop leaders in The School.  Phil is assisted by Dale Carnegie and School graduates Matthew Anderson (BA ’09), Jeremy Mourey (BA ’00), and Ron Cichy (BA ’72, MBA ’77).  Every one of the 32 student participants this fall was able to attend because of an anonymous alumnus who donates funds for this purpose.

Kaitlyn Schneider (BA ’20) said after the program, “I signed up at the last minute, and now, after just having an interest in becoming a leader and growing as a person, I can honestly say that this experience was life changing!  I will try to live my life maintaining these principles and stay focused on my attitude and how I will change the world!”

Positive reactions such as this are the reasons The School continues to invite students to attend the professional development program.  They are also the motivation behind offering the full 12-week Dale Carnegie Course to select students each semester.  This fall semester, one graduate student and five undergraduate students in The School are enrolled.  They meet once a week for four hours with additional community members to dig deep, practice, and internalize the important leadership, self-growth, and awareness principles that Dale Carnegie originally espoused almost one hundred years ago.

“It stands the test of time,” says Dr. Ron Cichy, who spearheads the Dale Carnegie efforts for The School.  “Students are transformed, with greater confidence and ability to go forward in their careers.  In our School, we are committed to giving students every advantage they can use to be successful.”

Indeed, Kara McGlashan (BA ’19) says, “The Dale Carnegie program has inspired me and taught me to look at my future in a different light.”  Derying Liaw (BA ’17) agrees, saying, “It was a great experience to help me focus my career direction and my personal values.”