For the third year in a row, 40 students from the School of Hospitality Business at MSU participated in a custom-designed professional development program from Dale Carnegie Master Instructor Phil Zeller (BA Hospitality Business ’96). On Saturday, September 13 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, student leaders in the School learned about the power of the Dale Carnegie philosophy, as applied to their lives as emerging leaders.

Phil Zeller was assisted in the program by past Dale Carnegie graduates and School Alumni Matt Anderson (BA Hospitality Business ’09), Jeremy Mourey (BA Hospitality Business ’00), and Dr. Ron Cichy (BA Hospitality Business ’72, MBA ’77).

“Dale Carnegie was known as the person who listened to more people than anyone in the world,” Phil explained to the students, emphasizing the power of listening to others and building relationships.

Over the next three hours, he led the students through activities designed to teach them the five drivers of success: build your self-confidence, strengthen your people skills, enhance your communication skills, develop leadership abilities, and manage your worry, stress, and attitude. Perhaps more than anything, the students learned the value of planning ahead with confidence, knowing they can make their own futures bright, as well as the futures of their clubs, events, and organizations.

Among many other unique features, the School is known for its very active, hospitality industry-associated clubs, as well as its three major events each year which connect students to the industry and alumni and raise funds for the School. Overseeing all the clubs and the events is the student Hospitality Association (HA) Executive Board. The 2014-2015 HA COO this year, Taylor Pahl (BA Hospitality Business ’15), in fact, arranged for the professional development program, and was an enthusiastic participant.

By noon on Saturday, each club, event, and the HA Board had a representative student who stood before the group to answer the question posed by Phil, “What will your group be celebrating in May of 2015?” The positive imprint of Dale Carnegie practices was evident in each response. A few examples:

  • Sarah Anderson (BA Hospitality Business ’16), secretary of Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) said that her club would be celebrating yet another Chapter of the Year award in 2015, noting the exceptional reputation of the School and the chapter’s past history of accomplishments at CMAA World Conferences.
  • Two-time winner of Chapter of the Year nationally, the Professional Convention Management Association student chapter, represented by President Lisa Malinowski (BA Hospitality Business ’15), will celebrate more awards and participation in three major philanthropic efforts.
  • Les Gourmets Front of the House Director Megan Kelly (BA Hospitality Business ’16) visualized Les Gourmets guests remembering the experience in April 2015 for a lifetime.
  • CAREER EXPO Director of Professional Development Programs Elena Jeppson (BA Hospitality Business ’16) will celebrate the highest attendance at EXPO’s PDP’s in School history this year, continuing the tradition of connecting students and recruiters beyond just interviews.

When Phil asked what each student would be celebrating in May 2015, personally, Destination Auction Behind the Masque Director of Catalog Laura Grissen (BA Hospitality Business ’16) said she will have a great real-life learning experience. Monica Blaze (BA Hospitality Business ’16), PCMA director of events, said she will give back to MSU students through her volunteer leadership. And Joaquin de la Cerda Harlow (BA Hospitality Business ’15), president of the Spartan Enology Society, said he will help younger students learn to carry on the great traditions that are MSU and the School.

Engaging in the Dale Carnegie Professional Development Program, these student leaders learned that their attitude is their future, and how to be intentional about their goals. Something else for them to celebrate in May 2015!