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A student presents a research poster
Three student-led projects secured first place and faculty member Erkan Kocas was honored for his role as a mentor.
Recent findings from supply chain expert Stanley Lim reveal a retail replenishment system that benefits both parties.
Hospital workers wearing face masks walking down a hallway.
Our faculty are working to advance health care management, address business issues in the industry and protect patients.
Computer stations inside the Broad Behavioral Lab
The space is dedicated to use by Broad faculty and doctoral students who are studying human interaction and business.
Anand Nair, professor, writes about pandemic-triggered awareness of health care supply waste and where change is needed.
Broad research not only illuminates how these values are the right thing to do but also how they boost the bottom line.
Man in a wheelchair on the move in the disabled office building.
The latest research from Broad’s Department of Supply Chain Management uncovers the dynamics of inclusive manufacturing.
Minskoff Pavilion in the fall exterior image
We’re No. 1 for empirical research output, and our supply chain faculty hold leading roles at high-impact journals.
Empty warehouse, view down the aisle with shelves and boxes.
New research from MSU offers insights and trade-offs for strategic decisions made during economic downturns.
Bird's eye view of shipping crates
A new white paper from MSU and Maine Pointe outlines supply chain vulnerabilities and how companies must rebalance.
Warehouse worker carrying boxes
Three supply chain faculty members weigh in on what companies need to consider as they respond to the pandemic.
Doctor checking medical records with a dialysis machine equipment at hospital
Supply chain management research provides a framework for the design of rural care facilities with patients in mind.
Surgeon writing down notes during an episode of care in an operating room.
New research from MSU reveals that inefficiencies in operating room processes result in colossal costs.
Warehouse worker carrying boxes
Assistant Professor Simone Peinkofer answers our questions and explains her area of research expertise.
Sri Talluri, professor of supply chain management, is studying how information sharing is critical to managing risk.
Recently harvested cherries on the ground
Researchers at MSU were awarded a grant to uncover the value in reuse of cherry by-products.
Sriram Narayanan, professor of supply chain management, is uncovering how inclusion and innovation advance business.
Freight Train
A recent white paper from MSU and Maine Pointe shows collaboration as win-win for freight and supply chain management.
Supply chain management and wildlife trafficking faculty at MSU combine expertise to reduce global crime.
David Closs presented research at the exclusive SCOPE Supply Chain Summit.
This Spartan BizCast episode covers how tariffs and trade treaties can affect the flow of goods across the globe.
'These kinds of disruptions tend to knock a system down,' says Stanley Griffis
The way you get a cup of coffee, cook a meal at home, and even purchase clothing is changing
Article titled, Titled 'An Exploratory Investigation of New Entrant Motor Carriers' Longitudinal Safety Performance'
Titled 'Demand-Driven MRP: Assessment of a New Approach to Materials Management'