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How retailers can boost performance while expanding globally 
New marketing research from MSU is the first to offer practical recommendations for global retailers.
A company’s good deeds can make consumers think its products are safer 
Valerie Good, marketing faculty, recently wrote for The Conversation about her work on corporate social responsibility.
With No. 1 ranking, MSU blazes a trail in B2B marketing research  
Two prominent marketing journals have recognized MSU as an exceptional leader in this area of expertise.
Doctoral candidate receives grant for sales and marketing research 
Victor Chernetsky, a Ph.D. candidate in marketing, has received a $5,000 research grant to further his work.
When managing a big company, less is more 
Research from MSU is the first to identify universal strategies for large companies to maximize sales and market share.
Biggby Coffee partners with Demmer Center for Business Transformation 
Biggby Coffee to redo the company’s loyalty program with the help of Broad College research.
Michigan tops Great Lakes state neighbors in jobs created by hunting and fishing, Broad College study finds 
Hunting and fishing create and support more than 171,000 jobs and around $11.2 billion in economic activity annually
Low unemployment may soon turn happy customers into angry voters, a pair of Broad College experts warn  
The warning was published recently in the Hill, an influential Washington, D.C. newspaper focused on national politics
Subsidizing farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs 'not a viable long-term solution," Broad College trade expert says  
Tomas Hult shares his insights with the Hill, an influential Washington D.C.-based publication
Tariffs will create winners and losers in global trade. America won't always be in the first group, a Broad College expert warns  
"Any given country – even the United States – cannot be a world leader in every category," writes Tomas Hult
Marketing Broad Professors Highly Cited 
Thomas Page and Richard Spreng make the list
Sales Newbies, Don’t Fret. Just Go Above and Beyond  
A first-of-its-kind study whick looks into both customer and salesperson gratitude
How Spam Became One of the Most Iconic American Brands of All Time  
While you might think of Spam as a basic canned meat, it’s actually one of the greatest business success stories
Broad Doctoral Student, Blake Runnalls, Welcomes 2017 with Two Prestigious Awards 
Runnalls chosen for the 2017 American Marketing Association’s Sales SIG Doctoral Proposal Competition for his submission
Faculty Spotlight: International Innovator  
Hult has helped not only to put the college on the global map, but also shine as a leader in research and more
CEO of Kantar Health Delivers Course on Communications in Marketing Research to MSMR Spring Cohort 
Insights shared on consulting in the marketing research industry with the newest MS in Marketing Research cohort
Super Bowl LI: Broad College Expert Weighs in on Super Marketing Spending  
Now that we know who’s playing in Super Bowl LI, speculation can begin about commercial break warfare
Research: Stock Market Fails to Predict Product Performance  
Contrary to what many in the business world believe, investors cannot reliably predict how a new product will perform
To Prescribe, or Not to Prescribe? That is the [Physician’s] Question. 
Study raises potential issues about life-enhancing products, including access, overuse and cost.
For Better Sales, Connect with Coworkers 
The study of 300 field salespeople is one of the first investigating effects of internal social networks on performance.
International Marketing Award Honors Broad Researcher 
Roger Calantone is the recipient of the 2015 Hans B. Thorelli Award.
Thanking customers can reap rewards 
A sincere, well-timed “thank you” can reap huge rewards, says first-of-its-kind research led by a MSU marketing scholar.