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Black businesswoman sitting at her computer in a high key office working on a large desktop monitor
Research from Broad’s management department reveals how today’s professional standards perpetuate racial bias.
Broad management professor receives U.S. Army Research Institute grant that could alter our understanding of leadership.
Empty warehouse, view down the aisle with shelves and boxes.
New research from MSU offers insights and trade-offs for strategic decisions made during economic downturns.
The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management Foundation awarded MSU a one-year $10,500 research grant.
iPhone 7 showing its screen with TikTok and other social media application icons with ear buds.
Anjana Susarla, associate professor, wrote for The Conversation on social media's role in shaping politics and protests.
Bird's eye view of shipping crates
A new white paper from MSU and Maine Pointe outlines supply chain vulnerabilities and how companies must rebalance.
Young businesswoman in casual clothing working on a laptop
Management Professor John Hollenbeck explains why people aren't wired to have a 15-person virtual meeting.
Warehouse worker carrying boxes
Three supply chain faculty members weigh in on what companies need to consider as they respond to the pandemic.
Cropped shot of a businesswoman extending her arm for a handshake
An MSU study finds that finance faculty selected based on connections perform higher, publishing 30% more research.
Research from MSU offers guidelines to improve engagement and relevancy of YouTube videos on chronic health conditions.
Close up customer hand choose smiley face over blurred sad face icon on wood cube
Valerie Good, marketing faculty, recently wrote for The Conversation about her work on corporate social responsibility.
A young woman scrolls on a smartphone with a gray wall behind her.
Anjana Susarla, associate professor, wrote for The Conversation on risks that come with online census data collection.
Doctor checking medical records with a dialysis machine equipment at hospital
Supply chain management research provides a framework for the design of rural care facilities with patients in mind.
Surgeon writing down notes during an episode of care in an operating room.
New research from MSU reveals that inefficiencies in operating room processes result in colossal costs.
Smartphone in hand displaying a grid of social media apps
Anjana Susarla, associate professor, recently wrote an article for The Conversation on her work with this phenomenon.
John Hollenbeck, professor of management, answers our questions on team dynamics and work motivation.
Person pressing sad face icon on a happy, neutral, or sad customer review panel
MSU research shows how subtle framing can impact customer views of businesses when something goes wrong.
Warehouse worker carrying boxes
Assistant Professor Simone Peinkofer answers our questions and explains her area of research expertise.
Wooden blocks being stacked on top of eachother
Two prominent marketing journals have recognized MSU as an exceptional leader in this area of expertise.
Sri Talluri, professor of supply chain management, is studying how information sharing is critical to managing risk.
Recently harvested cherries on the ground
Researchers at MSU were awarded a grant to uncover the value in reuse of cherry by-products.
Victor Chernetsky, a Ph.D. candidate in marketing, has received a $5,000 research grant to further his work.
Sriram Narayanan, professor of supply chain management, is uncovering how inclusion and innovation advance business.
Person examining notes at a desk with two laptops
Research from MSU is the first to identify universal strategies for large companies to maximize sales and market share.
The International Water Association has recognized work from MSU improving knowledge on water-related diseases.