Photo: Kristyl Crayton
Kristyl Crayton
Class of 2011
Concentrations: Marketing

The Broad Women’s MBA Association Potluck dinner, was a great opportunity to network with women at Broad, get to know more women in the program, and plan future events that would influence us socially, professionally, and personally. It brought about a sense of appreciation and excitement for my future at Broad because there are so many great women in the program. After the event, I felt driven to send a note to those Broad women MBA’s (first year and second year MBAs) who made the crazy ride of business school a fun, meaningful experience based on their support and camaraderie.

My reflection of the support I received is outlined below:


When I came to Michigan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was excited, but worried about whether or not I made the right decision to leave everything behind and start all over again in a new city. Its only been a few short months, and I can say wholeheartedly that any doubts that I may have had are completely gone. I couldn’t imagine going through my graduate school experience without you all. And it’s not because I’m inspired by the success that each of you will have (though that is a compelling notion). It’s because you are all so supportive. Any challenge that I’ve faced from graduate school or personally, you have in some way provided overwhelming support. From believing in me when I have had doubts in myself, and just needed that gentle reminder that I still had room to push myself (think midterm week). To reminding me of all the qualities you see in me when I’m overly critical in my quest for perfection (which yes I know is impossible). And helping me put a smile on my face and reminding me to enjoy life when I’m caught up in everything that isn’t going right (yes I know those Type A people, in this case me, can be stressful).

I wanted you all to know that I’ve appreciated every moment thus far. I look forward to creating more memories that I will cherish from my graduate school experience. But I’m even happier with the lifelong friendships that I’ve gained.

I’m forever grateful 🙂