This March, the MBA Finance Association held a session with Broad College professor Charles Hadlock on current interest rates, inflation and the real-estate market.

Charlie Hadlock headshot

Charles Hadlock, associate dean of faculty and doctoral programs and Frederick S. Addy Distinguished Chair in Finance

Before stepping into the real world and making significant investment decisions, many students who are graduating wanted to learn market trends. Among the most common questions were: What inflation should we expect in the coming years? What will happen to interest rates? What are the prospects for residential real estate? The Broad MBA Finance Association stepped in, and Hadlock was the right person to answer such questions.

Hadlock is the Frederick S. Addy Distinguished Chair in Finance and has been teaching at MSU for 24 years. He is also associate dean of faculty and doctoral programs at the Broad College.

Hadlock spoke extensively on all topics that students were interested in. He discussed in detail the bond yields, past treasury rates and forward rates related to interest rates. It provided a lot of clarity on what interest rates can be expected in the future. As he discussed inflation, Hadlock presented real-time models that predict inflation rates and strategies to hedge against inflation, such as investing in TIPS (treasury inflation-protected securities). In his presentation on real estate, Hadlock presented empirical evidence on past performance, future indicators and year-over-year market growth.

Students actively engaged with Hadlock throughout the session and found his presentation to be extremely helpful. We hope to hold more sessions like this in the future for the Broad MBA Finance Association!