Photo: Kelly Jordan
Kelly Jordan
Class of 2008
Concentrations:  Marketing, Leadership & Change Management

While the preparation is pretty intense, we all agreed that the learning process was invaluable to our MBA experience. We were able to take the knowledge and lessons from our classes and bring them to the table each week in the prep sessions. Additionally, we were able to present our ideas in front of faculty and administrators such as Karyll Shaw, Cheri Speier, Glen Omura, Kent Miller, Bob Wiseman and Gerry McNamara (to name a few) and receive personalized feedback. They challenged our thinking and helped us improve and grow each week. The skills that were developed also proved useful during our internships in terms of dissecting a business problem, creating a story, making a compelling argument and ‘selling’ it to an audience during our end-of-summer presentations.

It was great to be able to represent the Michigan State MBA program and we had a lot of pride in doing so. We had the chance to interact and network with students from the other schools in the Big Ten and ultimately the Pac Ten as well. Additionally, like Broad v. Broad, there were judges from great companies across the country at each competition that gave additional real-world feedback and advice on our thinking and presentation styles.

Of course, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but as with most things in life – the more you put into a challenge, the more you take away. I know that the experience was something more than another bullet point on my resume, it truly was a growth opportunity and a chance to work with some very talented individuals in my class. And, yes, we actually had fun too!