Broad College of Business student participation rates top the study abroad charts within Michigan State University, a national leader in study abroad participation.

The International Business Management in Western Europe.

The IBM in Western Europe study abroad program visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Trier, Germany; France; and Brussels, Belgium, providing students with the opportunity to network with a variety of corporate professionals.

Overall, MSU is currently ranked in the top 10 for both international student enrollment and study abroad participation, according to the most recent Institute of International Education Open Doors report, and No. 5 among public institutions for study abroad participation. According to the 2013–14 MSU Study Abroad Enrollment and Trends by Brett Berquist and Cheryl Benner, 2,514 MSU students studied overseas in 2012–13.

Kirt Butler, director of study abroad for the Broad College of Business, said the top three reasons for Broad students to study abroad were to broaden their perspectives on the world, develop valuable career skills, and experience personal growth.

“Most importantly, learning abroad helps you to learn about yourself. Viewing your life through an international lens can lead to profound personal changes in one’s world views, beliefs, and values,” Butler said.

Matthew Bloom, a teaching assistant for the International Business Management (IBM) in Western Europe study abroad program, said his program provided a better understanding of the professional culture of Western Europe.

“Having gained an understanding of myself through this program, I have been able to decide where I would like to kick-start my career, which could not have been done without these learning abroad experiences,” said Bloom.