John Casesa

John Casesa, Group VP, Global Strategy for Ford at the Broad College of Business during Ford Day

When John Casesa, group vice president of global strategy for Ford Motor Company, spoke to over 300 Broad College of Business marketing students, he didn’t waste time sugar coating the realities of today’s fast-paced business climate.

Stressing the importance of innovation and taking smart risks, Casesa discussed that companies like Ford value trying new things, learning from mistakes, and thinking ahead. “We encourage employees to be creative, fail fast, and recalibrate,” he said.  “We don’t have to worry about fighting to live right now, but we can look ahead and see what we can improve on.”

Casesa’s appearance at Broad’s Ford Day also provided students with tips to get a foot in the door at Ford, saying that the best way to learn about the motor giant is to connect with current employees to hear their experiences firsthand.

In his role, Casesa must consistently look ahead at the shifting trends in the automotive industry – as well as others. “We are quickly moving from a car company, to a mobility company. People have a lot of new ideas about transportation, and it will take us a lot of our great minds and talent to make this happen,” he said.