Admittance to the Broad College of Business presents challenges in and of itself; climbing to the upper echelon of business academia proves an even greater feat. On Tuesday, March 21, the Broad College honored 49 high-achieving business students by inducting them into Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business fraternity.

Hand-selected by Broad faculty, the undergraduate students and graduate inductees rank in the top 10 percent and top 20 percent of their programs, respectively. Broad inducted 12 more students in 2017 than last year.

Beta Gamma Sigma inductees

2017 Broad College inductees to Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma includes more than 750,000 members worldwide, representing government, corporate, nonprofit, and educational management positions in all 50 states and more than 160 countries. Notable members include Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller Sr., and Carly Fiorina.

“These students epitomize the work ethic, excellence, and overall impact we strive for at the Broad College,” said Kathy Petroni, Broad College of Business Deloitte/Michael Licata Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs. “These students are the type we feel proud as representing the Broad College in a prestigious, global organization. I’m confident that they will continue making an impact beyond the Broad College and empower others to do the same,” she said.

The ceremony and reception, both held at the Wharton Center, welcomed guest speaker and Broad College alum Meredith Baxter (FTMBA 2015). The Broad College 2017 inductees are:

  • Theodore Ellis Ake Jr., FTMBA
  • Amanda Jane Anderson (BA Business Admit 2018)
  • Erin K. Banyas, EMBA
  • Narasimharao Bhagavathula, EMBA
  • Kristen Janet Borse (BA Accounting ‘18)
  • Jennifer M Brostowitz (BA Hospitality Business ‘17)
  • Aubrey Chase, EMBA
  • Chiraze Alana Christie (BA Finance 2018)
  • Jocelyn N. Cronin (BA Marketing 2018)
  • Steven Crummel, EMBA
  • Jennifer V. Dahlgren, EMBA
  • Alex Decker (BA Accounting ‘18)
  • Shawn Lowe Desai, FTMBA
  • Cesar Javier Diaz, EMBA
  • Craig Alan Elder, EMBA
  • Ziwei Fan (BA Accounting 2018)
  • Jason M. Foco, EMBA
  • Rose Lorraine Glendinning, FTMBA
  • Chengquan Guan (MS Finance ‘17)
  • Deepika Gupta, EMBA
  • Scott James Haeck, Jr. (BA Accounting ‘17)
  • Kevin Hill, FTMBA
  • Michael T. Klett, EMBA
  • Timothy Martyn Kovacik, EMBA
  • Naveen Kumar Sargur Nagendra Kumar, FTMBA
  • Xinge Li (BA SCM ‘17)
  • Mary Mays, FTMBA
  • Aditya Menon, FTMBA
  • Yongpil Moon (MS Finance ‘17)
  • Cheryl A Ochodnicky, EMBA
  • John G. Opfer, EMBA
  • Christopher P. Paoletti, EMBA
  • Robert C. Park, EMBA
  • Michael J. Petrowski, EMBA
  • Kevin Thomas Pohlman, EMBA
  • Alison B. Robinette, EMBA
  • Kimberly Sanders, EMBA
  • Andrea Opal Schweitzer , FTMBA
  • Rachit Shah, FTMBA
  • Ajay Pal Singh, FTMBA
  • Jaswinder Pal Singh, EMBA
  • Harsha Subnaveeskurupam, FTMBA
  • Kenneth B. Whitley, EMBA
  • Leah Carolyn Whitley (BA Accounting ‘18)
  • Marc Wilson, FTMBA
  • Qian Yang, FTMBA
  • Michael J. Yassay, FTMBA
  • Brittany Mary Gwyneth Young, FTMBA
  • David Scott Zachman, EMBA