Photo: Melissa Gardner
Melissa Gardner
Class of 2011
Concentrations: Marketing

Taking part in this annual rite of passage for first year MBAs here at Broad gave us the unique experience of working on an innovation challenge as well as allowed us to experience group dynamics outside of our assigned teams. The process was grueling, but the pride immense when we saw ourselves advance to the final round!

Whirlpool challenged us to develop an innovative product that could be used as an add-on to one of their existing lines. With the short deadline approaching fast, the friendly banter was kept to a minimum (at least at first!). Our four-person team gleaned knowledge from our new friend at Best Buy, and went on to create a complete business plan for our product.

Late into the evening the lack of sleep and pranks by the second years caught up with us all, leading to some less than productive final hours. By the morning we were refreshed, ready to pitch our idea to Whirlpool and the judges, and with newfound friendships to last long after our twenty-four hour deadline.

It was an experience that helped showcase the significant changes in both our thinking and communication skills since coming to Broad. Perhaps those late nights and barrels of coffee consumed in the name of learning really did pay off. Nevertheless, the Broad v. Broad competition merely hinted at the evolution we will be undertaking here at Broad in the months to come.