Many of Michigan State University’s varsity teams honor graduating seniors during their final home games or matches in East Lansing. Families and fans look on as their Spartans end their careers as campus competitors and head on to face new challenges in different careers. And athletes who are team captains or MVPs get to take an extra bow before the ceremony is through.

Soccer stars pose with Thin Business Sparty at Dean Gupta's lunch.

Spartan soccer athletes (left to right) Michael Marcantognini, Jessica White and Philip Stair take a moment after Dean Gupta’s luncheon to pose with Thin Business Sparty

No less competitive and demanding, while requiring just as much hard work and talent, is graduating from Eli Broad College of Business with top academic honors, as the college is one of the most competitive to get into across the entire university. The expectations are high, the pressure to keep up with classmates is intense, and to stand out among the 6,224 fellow undergraduates takes something special.

Yet 57 varsity athletes, more than in any other college at Michigan State, were up to the challenge in 2016 and will graduate or otherwise cross the finish line of the academic year with honors or high honors. In addition to honoring graduating seniors at the Spartan Academic Excellence Gala on April 11, Sanjay Gupta, the Eli and Edythe L. Broad Dean of the Broad College of Business, celebrated all the athletes’ academic achievements at a luncheon last week.

“These students have the tough task of balancing academics and athletics at the same time and succeeding in both arenas,” said Dwight Handspike, senior associate director of Undergraduate Academic Services for the Broad College of Business.

“In my opinion, the skills that they have acquired that allow them to be successful on the field of competition are serving them in amazing ways in the classroom. This is only possible because they have learned to master and manage two competing areas of their lives at the same time while blocking out things that would be distractions for most of us,” he added.

Congratulations to these Broad Spartans – on and off the field! Graduating seniors noted with an asterisk.


  • Keegan Baar, Accounting, Highest Honor
  • William Salter, Honor, Management
  • Kory Youg, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management

Basketball (Women’s)

  • Cara Miller, Highest Honor, Accounting

Cross Country/Track & Field (Men’s)

  • Janson Hicks, Honor, Finance
  • Daniel Sims, High Honor, Supply Chain Management

Cross Country/Track & Field (Women’s)

  • Allison Lunau, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Jennifer Rogers, High Honor, Human Resource Management
  • Alexis Wiersma, Highest Honor, Marketing

Field Hockey

  • Mallory Tyler, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management *


  • Byron Bullough, High Honor, Finance
  • Chase Gianacakos, High Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Matthew Macksood, Honor, Hospitality Business *
  • Tyler O’Connor, Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Josiah Price, High Honor, Hospitality Business
  • Brandon Sowards, Honor, Supply Chain Management

Golf (Men’s)

  • Sean Friel, Honor, Accounting
  • Charlie Netzel, High Honor, Finance
  • Samuel Weatherhead, Honor, Hospitality Business

Golf (Women’s)

  • Sarah Burnham, Honor, Hospitality Business
  • Greer Clausen, Highest Honor, Finance
  • Mariah Massa, High Honor, Business Analytics
  • Jacqueline Setas, Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Gabrielle Yurik, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management


  • Brittany Holmes, Honor, Hospitality Business


  • David Bondra, Highest Honor, Finance *
  • Joseph Cox, Highest Honor, Accounting
  • Michael Ferrantino, Honor, Finance *
  • Christopher Knudson, Highest Honor, Accounting
  • Travis Walsh, High Honor, Finance *


  • Asabe Danpollo, Honor, Accounting
  • Jessica Marone, Honor, Accounting

Soccer (Men’s)

  • Jerome Cristobal, High Honor, Supply Chain Management *
  • James Fiscus, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Michael Marcantognini, Honor, Management
  • Louis Plascencia, Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Philip Stair, Honor, Finance
  • Brian Winterfield, Highest Honor, Finance

Soccer (Women’s)

  • Michelle Dear, Highest Honor, Finance
  • Jessica White, Honor, Hospitality Business
  • Savanna Wojtanowski, Honor, Management

Swimming & Diving (Men’s)

  • Jacob Cook, Honor, Finance *
  • Alexander Duffy, High Honor, Marketing
  • Connor Lamb, High Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Lachlan Mcleish, High Honor, Finance
  • Ian Rodriguez, Honor, Hospitality Business
  • Mitchell Strahlman, Highest Honor, Supply Chain Management
  • Alexander Trompke, Honor, Hospitality Business

Swimming & Diving (Women’s)

  • Racheal Bukowski, Honor, Hospitality Business
  • Anna Stephens, Honor, Marketing

Tennis (Men’s)

  • Brett Forman, Honor, Marketing
  • Alexander Kim, Honor, Marketing
  • Jasper Koenen, Honor, Hospitality Business

Tennis (Women’s)

  • Emily Meyers, High Honor, Supply Chain Management


  • Kristen Muir, High Honor, Finance *


  • Joseph Johnson, Highest Honor, Finance *