Sixty-three Eli Broad College of Business students were initiated into the international honor society Beta Gamma Sigma during a banquet and ceremony March 24 at the Wharton Center.Beta Gamma Sigma

This year’s speaker, James English, recognized the efforts of those being initiated, and gave them advice on their futures, using a personal story about early in his career in corporate finance and risk management and not using a new position to influence a decision. That would come back into play years later, and his decision to do what was right paid off.

“Do the right thing,” he told the group. “Realize that your colleague today may be your trading partner tomorrow and your competitor a year from now.”

The MSU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was officially installed on June 1, 1954. Beta Gamma Sigma became a national organization in 1913. The society’s mission is to honor and encourage academic achievement in the study of business, foster personal and professional excellence, and support the advancement of business thought and practice to encourage lifelong learning.

As a requirement for being invited into Beta Gamma Sigma, the undergraduate students and graduate students selected specifically by Broad’s faculty rank in the top 10 percent and top 20 percent of their programs, respectively.

These students have received the highest recognition any business student can receive in an AACSB International-accredited business program. The AACSB International grants membership to business schools that meet elite standards in the areas of curricula, teaching staff, and library and laboratory facilities.

The following students were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma:

•    Zachary Arritt , MBA
•    Jacob Ball, MBA
•    Mallory Bandy MBA
•    Zachary Bauer, Senior
•    Robert Bell, Senior
•    Rishabh Bhageria, MBA
•    Daniel Bierley, Senior
•    Brian Black, MBA
•    Meredith Boxberger, MBA
•    Darren Bradshaw, MBA
•    Joshua Brown, Senior
•    Daniel Carlson, MBA
•    Andrea Clarke, MBA
•    Matthew Cook, MBA
•    Christopher Coyne, Junior
•    Matthew DeLap, MBA
•    Elizabeth DeVeaux, Senior
•    Philip Femminineo, Junior
•    Adam Gilreath, MBA
•    Allen Ginzburg, MBA
•    Varun Goyalm, MBA
•    Yuanyuan Hao, MS
•    Yahan Hong, MBA
•    Yang Hu, MBA
•    David Kehr, MBA
•    Nicole Keller, MS
•    Karolyn Knutson, MS
•    Frederik Krekeler, MS
•    Brendan Kruzan, Junior
•    Alec Latta, Junior
•    Jiang Liang, MS
•    Lu Lu, Junior
•    Joshua McConnell, MS
•    Kathryn McCuish, Junior
•    Stefano Mereu, MBA
•    Holly Miller, MBA
•    Jaime Miller, MBA
•    Michael Morrow, Junior
•    Subhayu Mukherjee, MBA
•    Kelly Munzenberger, Senior
•    Brian Ngo    , MBA
•    Cong Nie, MS
•    Patrick O’Brien, MBA
•    Justin Ouendag, Junior
•    Samuel Setiawan, Senior
•    Kanishk Sharma, MBA
•    Linhu Shen, MS
•    Alexander Shoemaker, MS
•    Sandro Siminovich, MBA
•    Jacob Smith, Junior
•    Edward Sudzina, MBA
•    Rachel Swartz, Junior
•    Steven Taylor, MS
•    Bhaskar Vooradi, MBA
•    Troy Wallace, MBA
•    Tianying Wang, MS
•    Yuan Wang, Junior
•    Benjamin Wheelock, MBA
•    Alex Wilgenbusch, Senior
•    Alex Wiseman, MS
•    Chuqiao Xu, Junior
•    Yifan Xu, Junior
•    Rui Zhu, Junior