Photo: Mithu Saha
Mithu Saha
Class of 2008
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Strategic Management

So again…Why did I come back for an MBA? This is the one singular question that I have been asked by innumerable friends, family, acquaintances and oh yes- recruiters. After having 9 years of very gratifying global work experiences in Architecture, product development, manufacturing, advertising and non-profit work, this was really not what I had intended to do.

If you had asked me even 3 years back if I wanted to further my education or do an MBA- my answer would have been a definitive NO. I didn’t think swotting (British idiom for studying something quickly) for 16 hours a day for every single day of the week for two years was anywhere near as enticing as my then peaceful married suburban life. I really didn’t want to shake things up.

But then what happened? I stagnated. I got bored (again) and no matter what I did wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted to get out and try something new. But then I realized that the only thing that would “tie it all in” for me was an MBA. I tried various schools- got accepted in a select few- but at the end it was all the FIT. My one day stint at Broad sealed the deal what in another school only sent me back home more dejected and worried about cut throat competition amongst my peers.

Don’t get me wrong- Broad is extremely competitive amongst al the other B-schools out there. It’s just that clambering on someone else’s back to succeed is not really the modus operandi here. Teamwork is not just a word -it is the soul of Broad (ofcourse the fact that half of our course grades are teamwork-based helps!) I also felt the small class size, personal attention from the faculty and close relations with the career services office (I NEEDED that!) was a winner all the way.

I am now on my final leg of my MBA and am not the same person who came to Broad in August of 2006. It wasn’t an easy ride. My first semester was spent pretty much learning “how to learn” and land an internship (read as interviews, interviews and more interviews). My second semester was one where I wanted to prove to myself that I could survive a full 17 credit semester without getting shelved in (I have no idea what I was thinking). My summer internship was spent fruitfully in sunny California at Chevron. My 3rd semester was spent again trying to land myself the “perfect job” (which BTW does not exist).

I cannot believe time has flown by so quickly- it was just yesterday I was setting up an apartment here in Lansing thinking the 2 years are going to CRAWL. But no- it has been a great experience. From interacting with last year’s 2nd year students to this year’s 1st year students, social gatherings, student associations outings and meets, the revered MBA food fight(which Broad has won for the past 7 years?), Spartygras, charity auction, the blast of a community honors event- to the classroom experiences and teamwork, if I were to go back to February 2006 and rethink my decision – I wouldn’t change a thing. It would be BROAD all over again for me.

Yes, I am glad that I am a changed person. Change is good.