MBAs are naturally drawn to careers in consulting. To help Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business MBA students earn those positions, the Broad Consulting Club helps members prepare for these opportunities.

While the club’s primary mission is preparing its members for a career in consulting, it also helps members to further develop skills in problem solving for any corporate role.

The club’s activities to assist members include:

  • Coaching members to solve business problems and cases
  • Providing an avenue to interact with top consulting firms
  • Mentoring students for a career in consultin

A recent example of mentoring came from Broad College of Business alumnus Geng Wang (BA Supply Chain Management ’08) and fellow MSU alumnus Nick Laverty, who gave their time to introduce Broad College MBA students to the intricacies of consulting during Labor Day weekend.

The Broad Consulting Club hosted the two consultants from McKinsey & Company Sunday, Sept. 6. Forty-two students from the MBA classes of 2016 and 2017 gathered to learn and network with these representatives of the top-tier consulting firm. Discussions included the nature of projects the firm takes on, work/life balance, and job opportunities. The pair also gave students an overview of McKinsey and its hiring process.

In addition, the club has held:

  • Regular case coaching workshops every Thursday. BCC leadership emails selected cases to students in advance to discuss during the weekly meeting. Solutions to the case are explored and the students are introduced to different frameworks that aid them in understanding the problem at hand.
  • Case workshop with A.T. Kearney with consultants on campus to discuss a live case with students. The case focused on market strategy and the students solved and presented in groups. The group case-solving experience had students present in a high-pressure environment and gave valuable insights about the importance of presentation skills. The case workshop was followed by a networking event.
  • Case workshop with Ernst & Young focusing on operations. Students were challenged to solve and present an operation problem within 60 minutes. Participating students received feedback for the upcoming interview season.

The club has upcoming events that include:

  • Chat session with the CEO of Impendi Analytics
  • Case workshop with Alix Partners
  • Trek to PwC
  • Essential analytics skills for consultants (spring semester)