On March 7th, the Lear Corporation’s Roscommon plant and students from the Demmer Center for Business Transformation completed the first ever Kaizen (refers to activities that continually improve all functions and employees and aims to eliminate waste through lean manufacturing) event.

Rahul Seelam (MBA student and Demmer Center Lean Apprentice) created the event, which had groups look at ways to improve safety, quality, cost, and productivity, for his capstone project. The event resulted in a report including analysis and recommendations for Lear to implement and monitor results based upon. The Roscommon plant is a pilot plant in the partnership with the Demmer Center and Lear Corporation. Jim Manley, Demmer Center managing director, met with Elie Ghazal (WMBA ’12) and Ryan Saling (WMBA ’12) of Lear to help bring resources to the company to support their journey of becoming “lean” in global manufacturing, an initiative Ghazal is heading up. Manley hopes to expand the partnership with Lear and lean apprentices to other Lear facilities in the Michigan-area.

Dr. Shawnee K. Vickery, Demmer Legacy Fellow and Faculty Director of the Demmer Center for Business Transformation, highlights the core focus of the new center. “The Demmer Center for Business Transformation is committed to helping Michigan companies transform into strategic, lean competitors by providing education, “hands-on” engagement, and thought leadership.  Our partnership with Lear is a great example of how we support companies in their lean journies and provide Broad College students with powerful, experiential learning opportunities.”

Bill Demmer, President and CEO of the Demmer Corporation, commented, “The Demmer Center for Business Transformation was created to bring cutting edge business management tools to Michigan businesses. The intent is to unleash the intellectual horsepower of the Broad College of Business at MSU through its students and professors and provide business training support with the latest in supply chain and Lean technology. The Center’s work to date has been most impressive.”