MSU Faculty attended the APICS conference in Las Vegas, Nevada October 4th– 7th.

Department Chain Dr. David Closs and Dr. Steve Melnyk presented Beyond the Horizon- Next Generation Supply Chains.

Developed by Michigan State University with support from APICS Supply Chain Council and the Eli Broad College of Business, Beyond the Horizon is an industry-focused project with research and educational components that investigates how company leaders can make their supply chains strategic today and in the future.

Dr. Patricia Daugherty was a panelist for the Supply Chain Talent Crisis-Panel Discussion on Workforce Development. The panel discussed perspectives on the magnitude and nature of the talent crisis and what we should be doing to address it.

Dr. Steve Melnyk presented Supply Chain Analytics: Supply Chain Performance Measurement Trends and Transformations. This presentation explored the importance of greater precision and better measurements, and focuses on how customers gauge performance.