Meet our Faculty Member, Dr. Bonnie Knutson

Q:  Why did you want to become a Spartan?
A: Everyone becomes a Spartan through experience! I wanted to be a Spartan because it is a unique brotherhood and a family. Spartans have amazing work ethic and once you’re a Spartan, you’re a Spartan for life.

Q:  Why did you decide to teach?
A:  Teaching was not my first ambition, I first wanted to be an ambassador to Rome! My Godfather always told me I had a great ability to explain information to people. I later took his advice and started teaching and loved it! I always like to say, “I’m a swear pipe — I take information from all over, mix it up, and give it out!”

Q:  What is one fun fact about you?
A: I love to repel down buildings! I also tried to impeach the principal of my junior high school by writing a petition while I was a student.

Q:  What advice do you have for students?
A:  Take calculated chances! If you get up in the morning and you’re not excited about what you are doing — find something else to do!