On Thursday, September 29th, the Breslin Student Event Center welcomed over 200 companies for the last day of the Michigan State University Career Gallery. The event, open to students of all majors, was open to all students interested in business, and drew in a large pool of Broad College of Business students.

Halfway through the event nearly 2,000 students had checked in, which put the Breslin on track to host double that by the end of the day. “We had the highest turnout today and it was the highlight of the week because of the wide range of companies and opportunities,” said Ashley Batteen, assistant director for the Lear Corporation Career Center at the Broad College.

Michigan State University alumni had a strong representation at the gallery, coming back to their alma mater to connect with and recruit current students. “I really wanted to come back because I am passionate about this school– there is a talent pool that is ready to enter the workforce and immediately make an impact. Making sure Johnson & Johnson maintains a relationship with MSU is important to me,” said Tim Park (BA Supply Chain Management ‘15) and is now a Supply Chain Data Analyst for Johnson & Johnson. He, like many other recent graduates, did not forget what it was like to be a student searching for a job. “I can help ease the nerves of students because I was just on the other side of the table. I know their doubts, and it allows me to facilitate discussion.”

Senior Andrew Lunder, who is studying Applied Engineering with a focus in Supply Chain Management, has continued his work with his summer internship at Coyote into the fall as a brand ambassador. “Being the person that is looking for talent gave me perspective on just how important first impressions are,” said Lunder. “These events are more like an interview than anything else.”

The following day was dedicated to just that: interviews. Over 200 were scheduled for Friday, many of which were for Broad College partner companies looking to fill a variety of jobs from supply chain to finance to human resources.

Austin Bovia (BA Accounting ‘18) had interviews for internships locked in prior to the Career Gallery, but came to the event to talk with a few more companies. “Even if they’re not looking right now, they could be in the future,” said Bovia. “It’s important that they know your face if anything does open up.”

With thousands of students clad in suits, ties, and blazers, it can be easy to get intimidated or lose confidence at an event of this scale. Bovia, a seasoned career-gallery attender knows that you can’t let that get to you. “You have to look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are just as impressive as everyone else, and just keep in mind that you’re here to make a lasting impression.”