Photo: Stacy Dugan
Stacy Dugan
Class of 2008
Concentrations:  Human Resource Management, Leadership & Change Management

I am almost half of the way through the second year of the Broad MBA program at Michigan State University. The whole first year was a blur and this year is going even faster. Friends are interviewing for full-time positions, some even have their job set. Whether interviewing, set with a position, or (like me) still in the midst of the process, we all have one thing in common: an increasing sense of urgency.

My time thus far at MSU has been marked by a great sense of camaraderie. I know all of my classmates by name. We see each other in classes and socially. In May we will be spread all over the country, but for the present we get to enjoy being a unit. We are all part of the MSU MBA Class of 2008.

It is also finals time. With papers to write and exams to study for I haven’t had as much time to spend with my friends as I would like. My days are full with classes, my graduate assistantship, studying, and writing papers. I can’t wait until finals are over and break begins so I can go on vacation. When I’m sailing through the Caribbean on a cruise ship on December 15th school will be the last thing on my mind!