New FMI Scholars

Back: Aron, Horton, Sharky, Fillmore, Feather; Front: Decraene, Pawlusiak, Calvo, Krear, Will

The Financial Markets Institute is pleased to announce the addition of ten new scholars. Joining the FMI on December 1 are the following students with sophomore status: Anthony R. Aron, Isabela M. Calvo, Parker J. Decraene, Nathan J. Feather, Austin L. Fillmore, Christopher J. Horton, Niki L. Krear, Peyton M. Pawlusiak, Timothy M. Sharky and Tyler J. Will. These students are interested in careers in investment banking, equity research, sales & trading, and private wealth management. They were selected from a pool of 45 applicants after completing an accounting & markets assessment, an interview with the FMI’s directors, and an interview with a panel of current scholars.