Carole Winnard Brumm (BA Business ’79, MBA ’81) and her husband Gregg Brumm recently established a scholarship endowment to benefit students from Emmett County, Michigan, and to honor and continue the Spartan legacy shaped during the lifetime of her parents, Thomas Allin “Al” Winnard (BA Business ’50) and Dorothy “Frill” Milliken Winnard (BA ’48).

Following their parents’ example, all six of the Winnard children are graduates of MSU, four with degrees in business. Al Winnard is quick to point out that no one was forced to go to MSU, but Carole says it is the only university that any of the Winnard children wanted to attend.

Al Winnard was the first in his family to attend college, where he met Frill in 1946. For more than 60 years, the couple has recalled the friendly atmosphere on campus that spawned lifelong friendships and always made them feel at home.