Photo: Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil
Class of 2010
Concentrations:  Supply Chain Management, Finance

This is my new work clock. But I am so happy with spending almost 12 hours in school because I feel that we at Broad are like a big family. The day is made up of reading the Wall Street Journal in the MBA lounge, attending lectures, participating in team meetings, eating lunch together, paying some sports or running with classmates in the evening and back to the library for couple of hours of reading at night (for nights we have papers due and we do not go out!!!). You will never feel bored as you will never have time to get bored at Broad. It is not only the academics, but I would say the whole Broad experience is every enriching and am sure that these two years are going to be my most memorable years of my life.

It has been only 3 weeks into this spring semester, but it has been an eventful one. I have participated in two case competitions- Broad vs. Broad and ACG cup. Our team did not win the BVB competition but we did win the ACG one and I am looking forward to participate in the next round. I could never understand the importance of case competitions before I joined Broad. But after participating in these kinds of events, I have realized that case competitions are the fastest track of learning. I guess one can say that you mature as a learner, team player, educator, and presenter much faster than any other 24 hour period.

I love this lifestyle. It has given me the flexibility to eat, sleep and study at my own convenience. Though we don’t get our pay checks anymore as we use to in our pre-MBA life, but we do get a lot of days off – winter break, spring break and sometime after my summer internship. I am planning to make full use of this student lifestyle and use the holidays to their fullest to travel around (within student budget though!!!).

People say that I am almost an half MBA by now. But I am scared..that means I only have little more than one year to go. I would like to continue my student life forever if I could….