Photo: Keri Jewell
Keri Jewell
Class of 2011
Concentrations:  Human Resource Management

My summer break was minimal but the change was drastic. Coming right from my undergraduate course work at Northwood University, I expected to naturally transition into graduate school at Broad. However, the transition was not that easy because the very nature of Broad is so drastically different from where I did my undergrad.

At the end of August we had a one week transitional period termed “B2B,” this was the first real clue that my life was about to change. Here our advisors told us that we needed to be applying for internships as soon as possible. We had just arrived on campus, not even been to a real class yet and we were expected to be applying to internships. I realized this was serious and that our advisors were serious about helping us find the best internships.

Since my first application, there have been many more applications, countless company presentations, and fortunately a fair amount of interviews. Each application becomes a little more precise and every interview more developed. Committing 100% of my efforts to the internship search process would be a journey in itself, even if this was my only focus. However, it is not. My time is committed to my full credit load, Broad Women’s MBA Association, MBA Association, Spartan Consulting, my graduate assistantship, and networking. I feel like I am always on the go and have learned to carry business cards with me at all times. It is common that my events at night are lined up back to back to back. Scheduling on my Outlook calendar has become crucial to my daily survival as it is the only the way to stay on top of course work and corporate presentations. I look forward to the adventures to come but am trying to make sure that I enjoy each day as it has, and will continue, to fly by.