David A. Griffith, the John W. Byington Endowed Chair in Global Marketing, was listed as one of the leading individual contributors to the international business field in a recent ranking of academic institutions and scholars in international business.

In addition, Michigan State University ranked first in this study, which was published in the International Business Review. Conducted by Len Trevino et al. (2010), the study ranks academic institutions and scholars in international business based on publications in International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Management, Journal of International Marketing, Management International Review, Journal of World Business, and 22 elite mainstream academic journals between 1996 and 2008.

Griffith was ranked 25th on the scholars list. He says the ranking is a reflection of the passion and quality of MSU’s faculty. “The high number of contributions across a wide range of journals demonstrates not only passion and quality, but productivity exceeding other institutions. MSU faculty members see the world through a global lens.”

He also believes this ranking indicates MSU is one of the leading thought centers for understanding the complexity of international business. “We see the challenges of global competition, and we are working hard to understanding how businesses can be more competitive in this global environment. By framing our research within the global context, we are working to provide answers to today’s most challenging global business problems.”