Photo: Michael Kotick
Michael Kotick
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Marketing, Supply Chain Management

I have read a couple of the diary entries that my classmates have composed over the last several months and I must say they have hit it right on target. Upon my first few days in the program, I was placed in one of the most intellectually challenging arenas that I have ever faced. But, beyond the academic rigor comes the personal time management and balance that becomes evident while in your first few weeks in the program.

The obstacles of intense learnings, time management, and balance were ones that I thought to be exclusive to this business school experience; however, the rationale for each of these lessons became evident during a reflection after my internship at Nestle this last summer. It was in the midst of this reflection that it all came together for me, everything that the program demanded from me existed for a specific purpose. The academic lessons and pace are overwhelmingly synonymous with the pace of the post-MBA job environment, which requires you to operate and sustain high-level strategic thinking at a constantly expedient pace – strikingly comparable to that which the program has forced me to become accustomed to.

In not so many words, and at the risk of sounding somewhat cliché, I think that this program does a great job of incorporating all of the life-lessons that will adequately equip us for our post-MBA careers – everything that is in the program, exists for a reason. Although I may not have understood why, hindsight is 20-20 and it all makes sense now.