Photo: Donald Miller
Donald Miller
Class of 2006
Concentrations:  Human Resource Management, Leadership and Change Management

The first rays of morning sunlight touch my desk as I review my team’s project deliverables for the final presentation of an operating model and organization design engagement to the board of a Fortune 500 company. Five hours later, a handshake across the conference room table solidifies a job well-done and the prospect of additional work for our team to help them implement our recommendations. I reflect briefly on the satisfaction of the client and our project team. Moments later, I hurry to an adjacent

conference room and arrive in time to help kickoff a large finance transformation project with a new client. With my new team in place and underway on the engagement, I head back to my office for a teleconference with an energy client to discuss cost reduction efforts and the related impacts on organizational and talent strategies. As the sun sets, I close the day with a team dinner celebrating the successful conclusion of this morning’s project and head home to workout and catch up with friends. This hectic and rewarding schedule that I perform every day as a manager in the Deloitte Human Capital Consulting Practice is what I envisioned for myself, professionally and personally, five years ago as a first-year MBA student in the Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University.

As an MBA student in the Broad Graduate School of Management, I was able to further develop my foundation in quantitative, analytical, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through individual and team projects, spanning various industries and subjects during my graduate school experience. Specifically, the Human Resource Management and Strategic Management concentrations within the Broad MBA program were paramount toward achieving my goal to build on my previous career experience in accounting, financial, and economic consulting by adding the Change Management, Organization Design, and Human Resources knowledge necessary to understand the interrelationships between a company’s business strategy, its workforce, and its operating processes. As a Manager in the Human Capital Consulting Practice at Deloitte, I examine and quantify the past, present, and future economic impacts of my clients’ business models as well as their talent and organizational strategies in order to assist them in the development of the appropriate solutions to their issues.

In summary, my Broad Graduate School MBA has enabled me to leverage the Human Resources and Strategic Management skill sets necessary to support my previous career experience and my knowledge of various industries through numerous consulting engagements to deliver value to my clients every day.