Thirty-three students were inducted into membership in Beta Gamma Sigma based on their cumulative grades throughout fall semester 2015. The new members were honored at a banquet and initiation ceremony March 22 at the Wharton Center.

Membership in this international honor society is the highest recognition any business student can receive in an AACSB International-accredited business program. AACSB International grants membership to business schools that meet elite standards in the areas of curricula, teaching staff, and library and laboratory facilities.

As a requirement for being invited into Beta Gamma Sigma, undergraduate and graduate students rank in the top 10 percent and top 20 percent of their programs, respectively. Based on these criteria, 306 students were invited to join this year.

This year’s initiates were:

  • Justine Adamo (BA Supply Chain Management ’17)
  • Cyril Benitah (EMBA ’16)
  • Anthony Bolda (EMBA ’16)
  • Robert Dietlin (EMBA ’16)
  • Dana Drouillard (BA Supply Chain Management ’17)
  • Joshua Dykstra (MBA ’16)
  • Timothy Garmo (JD/MBA ’16)
  • Brian Geese (EMBA ’16)
  • David Guaresimo (EMBA ’16)
  • Manu Gupta (MBA ’16)
  • Shiqi Huang (BA Supply Chain Management ’17)
  • Timothy Hunter (EMBA ’16)
  • Anand Srinivas Janakiraman (MBA ’16)
  • Darren Judd (EMBA ’16)
  • Gulsheen Kaur (EMBA ’16)
  • Jared Kuehnlein (MBA ’16)
  • Mark Mansdoerfer (JD/MBA ’16)
  • Anna Munie (EMBA ’16)
  • Rishi Nag (MBA ’16)
  • Jinson Pappachan (MBA ’16)
  • Matthew Perlick (MBA ’16)
  • Fatima Qadir (MBA ’16)
  • Rodolfo Rendon (MS Accounting ’16)
  • Elizabeth Richter (MBA ’16)
  • Vikramjit Sangha (MBA ’16)
  • Jeffrey Smiertka (MBA ’16)
  • Ashley Smith (EMBA ’16)
  • Ishan Sood (MBA ’16)
  • Nicholas Stremer (EMBA ’16)
  • Tomomi Ueki (MBA ’16)
  • Ivy Ulrey (MBA ’16)
  • Katherine Ulrich (MBA ’16)
  • Amit Vashisht (EMBA ’16)

Originally a small honor society at the University of Wisconsin, Beta Gamma Sigma became a national organization in 1913. The society’s mission is to honor and encourage academic achievement in the study of business, foster personal and professional excellence, and support the advancement of business thought and practice to encourage lifelong learning.

More than 700,000 students inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma have served in government, corporate, nonprofit, and educational management positions in all 50 states and more than 160 countries around the world.