Michigan State University Broad College of Business Full-Time MBA Class of 2016 students leveraged opportunities to interact with global companies and enjoy activities during a European study abroad in May. Here, they share what they picked up along the way.

Maserati engine.The Quattroporte production began in 2009 and the Ghibli production started in 2011. This plant has a production capacity of 200 cars per day and 50,000 per year.The student team toured a Maserati factory in Grugliasco, Italy. The plant manager gave us a presentation about the history of that particular plant, an overview of the company, and an overview of the operations of the facility and the supply chain aspects of it. Maserati has a focus on lean manufacturing and world-class manufacturing, and this particular plant is in the process of getting a bronze certification since it is new.

We saw a finished Quattroporte and Ghibli and got to sit in the cars if we wanted. And first-year MBA student Tracy Sun actually got to start the engine of the Ghibli and rev it, which made loud noise and drew some attention!

After visiting the cars, we took a tour of the manufacturing floor, including the body shop and finished assembly shop. Maserati uses a combination of robots and manual labor to produce their cars.


 –Adapted from Ishan Sood