Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) celebrates its outstanding student organizations on Friday, April 27, 2018 with an Oscars theme MBP End of the Year Gala. The networking reception starts at 6:30 PM followed by dinner, awards and dancing at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

“Students should attend the MBP End of the Year Gala first to celebrate all of the great accomplishments they have achieved throughout the year. This event is first and foremost to acknowledge all of the hard work that students have put in to make the ’17-’18 academic year a Spartan Success. Secondly, students should attend the MBP End of the Year Gala to expand their network. The gala will be full of student leaders and corporations that are eager to build relationships,” said Taylor Bickers, End of the Year Gala Chairperson and marketing senior.

Since 2002, over 150 corporate representatives from notable Fortune 500 corporations have participated in the MBP End of the Year Gala celebration. Many students in attendance at the Gala have full-time or internship positions with Fortune 500 corporations as a result their MBP involvement.

“Corporations attend the MBP End of the Year Gala to take advantage of the opportunity to meet all of the remarkably talented students that attend. This event is a great opportunity for corporations to get to know possible recruits in an informal setting. The chance to build personal relationships with top talent recruits is invaluable. Thus, the corporations that have attended over the past 15 years can definitely attest to the amazing talent they have acquired due to relationships that began at the MBP End of the Year Gala,” said Bickers.

At the event, students get the opportunity to network with over twenty corporate representatives from EY, Chrysler, General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, the Ford Motor Company, Altria, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and more.

On the night of the Oscars-themed Gala, the Multicultural Business Programs will recognize outstanding students, recruiters and faculty who have made positive contributions to the program’s growth over the past academic year.

“The MBP End of the Year Gala is guaranteed to be a great time! This year’s Oscars themed event will be sure to make all our guests feel like an A-list celebrity! This event is a celebration with all of the fixings: awards, food, music, dancing, photo booth, raffles, and MORE! Each year we top the party off with a special guest that is sure to excite the crowd. So dress to impress and be sure to buy your ticket at this year’s MBP END OF THE YEAR GALA!” said Bickers.

Ticket prices are $50 for professionals and $5 for students. For those who are interested in attending the 17th Annual Multicultural Business Programs End of the Year Gala celebration.