There are four student organizations under the MBP umbrella: Women in Business Students’ Association (WBSA), Multicultural Business Students (MBS), Native American & Hispanic Business Students (NAHBS), and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Each are distinct entities but each brings forth a profound professionalism that any and all business majors will benefit from. Here is a small snapshot into each of the organizations that will help you choose which one could be for you.

Women In Business Students’ Association

WBSA is an outstanding organization run by nine of the most professional ladies you can find on campus. Its purpose is to educate the members to work collectively towards career development in their chosen fields. Each year, WBSA holds a Leadership Conference at the East Lansing Marriott where several Fortune 500 companies make presentations on various topics. This year’s theme is “The Art of Creating Your Own Success”. This event is open to all business majors regardless of gender.

Multicultural Business Students

MBS provides all the tools and support to successfully develop a leadership and professional skill set, while being in a diverse and prestigious environment. This family organization teaches students how to work with other students of different backgrounds and the importance of it. Some highlights of the organization this year are the annual MBS Retreat, the annual MBS Holiday Reception, and the MBS Mini-Golf Tournament.

Native American & Hispanic Business Students

NAHBS is an organization that builds its’ pride upon their slogan “Become Family. Grow Professionally.” Taken to heart by each executive board member, NAHBS strives to form a bond as strong as a family with their members while constantly supporting their professional endeavors. A unique spin that the organization has made is their commitment to community service, specifically within the Native and Latino populations. Their Outreach Programs’ focus is college students helping youth realize their full potential, going to Native tribes and the Detroit Hispanic Development Center to reach out and stress higher education to kids.

National Association of Black Accountants

NABA is more than an organization; it is a family of individuals with shared interests and goals. They stand true to their motto “Lifting as we Climb” by helping each other develop both professionally and personally, providing the skills and techniques necessary to be successful beyond college. NABA concentrates on working with accounting firms, such as the Big Four, and networking their members with recruiters from those companies. They are the host of the annual Skills to Success program as well as the only national organization within Multicultural Business Programs.