Mid-Michigan Value Chain Certificate Program in actionIn today’s globally competitive world, supply chain leaders must achieve enterprise success through logistics and supply chain management excellence. One way to achieve success is through continual learning and development.

Dow Chemical recently partnered with Michigan State University and Dow Corning to deliver a pilot of the Mid-Michigan Value Chain Certificate program as part of Dow’s supply chain management curriculum. The program kicked off at the East End building in Midland.

“Driving and investing in purposeful development of our people is a component of our strategy and is critical to achieving business success,” said Noelle Walsh, vice president of supply chain for Dow Chemical. “This curriculum aligns to our end-to-end strategy and was specifically designed to include various functions that are connected to the value chain.”

Aram DeRuiter and Noelle Walsh of Dow Chemical

From left: Aram DeRuiter, Associate Director for Supply Chain Learning and Talent Development, and Noelle Walsh, Vice President of Supply Chain, Dow Chemical

The program’s structure is modeled off of a portion of the graduate-level supply chain management concentration in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. The Broad College’s supply chain management program has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the country.

From October–December of this year, 10 select Dow supply chain employees, along with other professionals in the community, are learning world-class value chain management practices—means of gaining the “competitive edge” and tools used in value chain process evaluation and re-engineering—and engaging in simulated learning activities.

“Partnering with a leading education institution such as Michigan State University and collaborating with other companies allows for a unique learning opportunity,” said Aram de Ruiter, associate director for supply chain learning and talent development for Dow Chemical. “Employees can take what they learn in the classroom and apply it directly back into the workplace.”

The Mid-Michigan Value Chain Certificate Program is open to anyone who is interested. Once the pilot has been completed and validated as successful, more sessions will be offered in 2016.