For the last few weeks, the students and professors in the MSMR program have been hard at work completing their “May Intensives.” Kicking off the two weeks, the online cohort and the spring cohort began their Advanced Marketing Research course with Dr. Dale Wilson.

During this 42-hour work week students dove deep into the world of SPSS, learning how to properly define segments, run regressions models and create visual and graphical representations of their analysis for client presentation.

While working hard in Dr. Wilson’s class, students were visited by Lynnette Cooke, CEO of Kantar Health and professor for their Consulting in Marketing Research course. Lynnette’s main goal for the course is to educate students on how to interact and handle situations in a supplier-client environment. Using interactive discussions, activities and roleplays she sets students up to be comfortable and confident when they enter the marketing research industry.

After a week of SPSS analysis and learning key communication techniques, the fall and spring cohorts joined together for Professor Brereton’s Seminars in Client Research course. This course allowed industry professionals to give students an inside look at the marketing research world.

On day one the cohorts were visited by Jeff Minier, Executive Director at Kynetec (a globally leading firm in animal health and agricultural market research), who discussed the ways to find your niche in the marketing research industry. On day two, students were joined by Chris Travell, Director of North American Automotive Solutions for Bond Brand Loyalty. Given the Michigan home base, Chris gave students an update on what is currently happening in the automotive industry and what they can expect from it in the coming years.

Ending the guest seminars on day three, Dr. Dave Fish from ORC International spoke about consumer research, data science and specifics about brand interactions. To close the client research course, Professor Michael Brereton gave an insightful lecture on ethics in marketing research.

Finishing their intensive on a positive note, students ended with Professor Kirca’s International Marketing Research course. Throughout these five classes, the cohorts learned about marketing research across the world and the differences between cultures and languages that can affect business decisions and relationships.

After an ‘intense’ two weeks of work, all three cohorts are now back to their daily routines, with both the fall and spring cohorts beginning their summer internships and projects.