Photo: Kelly Herwick
Kelly Herwick
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Finance

“Multitask with reckless abandon.” That is a slogan for one of Intel’s top consumer PC microprocessors, and a phrase I would need to live up to in order to be successful as a strategic finance intern at Intel this past summer in Hillsboro, Oregon. First, however, I want to share why I accepted an internship offer with the high-tech company.

I specifically targeted Intel as a first year MBA because of how dynamic and innovative the company was and needed to be in order to continue to lead in the industry. As an MBA, we are being trained to have an aptitude for innovation, an eye for differentiated capabilities and the ability to leverage scale. Intel does all of these well and proved to be an excellent training ground. Meeting with EVP Sean Maloney, CFO Stacy Smith and Chief Administrative Officer Andy Bryant proved how dedicated Intel is to continuing to innovate.

I also wanted to learn about a field in which I really had limited knowledge. I am an individual that crashes computers, not one that is able to create something made of silicon or hafnium to improve our computing experience! Intel has excellent professional development courses available at all times to all employees. It really is up to your discretion how much you would like to learn as an Intel employee.

Lastly, I knew Intel had a very structured internship program. As a career switcher, this was very important to me. Internships are three short months and I wanted to ensure my time was spent as wisely as possible. Knowing I was going to work for a solid organization that had a structure in place really put me at ease (as much as was possible 2500 miles from home!) and allowed me to focus on networking within the organization, learning as much about the industry as I could absorb and experiencing life in Oregon – perhaps my future home.

Multitasking among these very important objectives proved to be a challenge when adding on the fact that I had to be sure I was up-to-date on the deliverables of my internship project, continued to think innovatively about solutions for the project and pitched my ideas to upper-level executives to obtain their buy-in for my strategy.

As an individual who enjoys taking advantage of a wide variety of opportunities, I also helped coordinate our 60+ person volunteer event and participated in numerous (yet fun!) intern and division socials.

I wouldn’t have done it any differently, though. We had 27 finance interns in Oregon, and I really got to know every one of them because of the myriad of activities we worked on together. My manager and supervisor were impressed with my project management and teamwork skills, and I proved I could navigate successfully through a large organization. I enjoyed the challenging of juggling multiple tasks at once, and know I wish to work for a company that requires this skill and rewards it as well.