Photo: Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Class of 2011
Concentrations:  Marketing

This year I was blessed to spend my birthday with a terrific group of people which consisted of my wonderful fiancé, friends from undergrad and friends from the Broad community. First and second years alike flocked to downtown Lansing to experience the celebration of my life and the wonderful things that the Capital City has to offer.

The initial stop for my birthday party was an outdoor beverage tent for a local brewery. Everyone had a wonderful time conversing, having a light snack and dancing to keep warm (my birthday is in February). This portion of my birthday party lasted only briefly, as many of us valued our extremities and deemed that an indoor facility would be a more appropriate setting.

The final destination of my birthday party was a new local establishment with a laid back atmosphere. At this point, things got extremely out of hand as people were known to be playing darts, photo hunt and telling stories of events past, it was a blast! Overall, it was a wonderful time that I was elated to be able to share with my friends at Broad.

This experience and the gathering of so many fellow MBAs to celebrate my birthday showed me the quality of people in the Broad School. I did not expect to make so many close friends in such a short period, yet here I am and here they are. I look forward to the many birthdays to come!